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The Naked Redhead

Spring is in the Air

April 14, 2010

And on the internet.  The girls are talking about pregnancy tests and I’m looking at porn.  Well, half that sentence is true:  both Lauren Flax and The Naked Redhead (albeit via guest post) blogged about intimately-pregnancy-related things today.  Lady parts and whatnot.  And Bess Wess blogged about a pretty cool dream she had – I […]

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Reading, Writing and Lauren Flax

March 11, 2010

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. -Benjamin Franklin I’m not exactly sure where I am as far as this quote goes, but I suppose that’s ok.  As far as I’m concerned, I’ve been doing things worth writing about.  I’m still riding high on the sense of accomplishment from climbing those four […]

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Response to TNR’s “Not Very Nice Things” Post

March 8, 2010

I just finished writing my comment to The Naked Redhead‘s post Not Very Nice Things.  I think it may have been a bit too much to include in the comments section of her post, so I’m posting it here: This past winter it was really cold, right?  Well, it was really cold here in NNJ […]

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February 24, 2010

Two posts for the price of one tonight.  That last post was written on Sunday night, but I guess I hit “Save Draft” and then never clicked “Publish”.  So yeah, double your pleasure, double your fun:  two QJ posts for the price of one. …a-aaand I’m sorely tempted to leave it at that. I need […]

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Weekly Writing Assignment #2

August 4, 2009

F*ck a bunch of bullsh*t, dear reader:  I’m an expert procrastinator. As any good for-tomorrow-er knows, justification and rationalization are indispensable tools in this art.  They need to be sharp and clean at all times if one is going to push things off successfully. To wit:  I’ve known the subject of this week’s writing assignment […]

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July 29, 2009

I can think of probably fifteen different things to blog about tonight, but only about two sentences for each.  I suppose, therefore, that you’ll have to pardon any disjointedness that may follow, dear reader. Remember last Wednesday’s post?  The Weekly Writing Assignment (#1)?  Well check out who happens to be one of this week’s finalists:  […]

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Dumper/Dumpee: Breaking Up Sucks

May 13, 2009

Like any good blogger, I read other people’s blogs.  One of the blogs I read is called The Naked Redhead (hereinafter TNR).  Yes, what initially drew me to this blog was my semi-fetish for redheads (and my uber-fetish for naked ones), but what keeps me reading is TNR’s writing style.  I’m not going to get […]

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Catharsis Begins

April 29, 2009

So it seems that my friend Cheryl is once again at the center of a situation of pleasant irony for me.  Yesterday afternoon I was skimming through my RSS feeds and noticed that The Naked Redhead‘s blog was not present.  My paranoia tells me that the “IT” guys at work are monkeying with my Outlook […]

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