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The Joys of New Homeownership (A Poem)

October 20, 2012

Hardly any sleep last night, Put on the same filthy clothes I wore yesterday, (No shower), Breakfast on coffee, a cigarette and Vitamin I And head out the door. Back to work On the new house.

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A Love Poem

April 1, 2009

9 March 1998 You bring me clarity. When the world seems muddled and everything runs together in one pessimistic grey dusty thick soup, a word from you is enough to bring it all back into focus. As I write these words, by candle-light, no less, I feel you slip under this rough exterior I try […]

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The Princess

March 23, 2009

How about another poem from sometime during my youth?  I found this one in an old notebook, from a time when I thought it tacky to put dates on things.  Let’s call it somewhere around 1998; I was pretty active around then. In addition to omitting dates, I was also semi-averse to titles at that […]

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A Social Experiment and A Poem

March 18, 2009

Tomorrow is a very special day.  My friend Didi in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and I are going to do a little social experiment.  She’s going to blog about me and I’m going to blog about her.  Thing is, we only really know a little about each other, so from a psycho-sociological standpoint, tomorrow’s posts should […]

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A Poem, Among Other Things

March 2, 2009

Current Meditation: Every so often, I’ll hear someone say “life is a journey, not a series of destinations”.  And every time I do, I close my eyes and meditate on this for a bit.  I have goals – things I want to accomplish.  Some are long-term, some are short-term.  Pay off my student loan debt, […]

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