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Kaaterskill High Peak

I Couldn’t Have Miscalculated…

March 19, 2010

I was looking on YouTube for the scene in Spider Man 2 where Dr. Octavius (at that point newly Dr. Octopus) says “I couldn’t have miscalculated,” but I suppose that line had more of an impression on me than it did on other people. I regularly work with spreadsheets that contain equations in various cells, […]

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Sometimes Hikers Die

March 18, 2010

Two hikers got lost on Blackhead Mountain last weekend.  One of them died. When I talk to people about my hiking adventures, they are of one or two mindsets: a.  They think it’s all just a walk in the woods and that nothing could be easier, or b.  They think I’m some kind of sick […]

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Weekend Review

December 8, 2009

This weekend turned out to be a pretty good one, even though it was short and despite my best efforts to the contrary.  I planned to get up early on Saturday to go hiking, but didn’t get out of bed until around 2PM.  That gave me enough time to get my laundry done, play some […]

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Driven: Today’s Hike 4-26-2009

April 26, 2009

I was really planning on taking it easy today – sleep in, do laundry, clean, take the kayak out for a bit.  I catered last night and must have walked five miles doing so.  But I only have three mountains left to climb to get into the Catskill 3500 Club. Well, four actually.  Scott & […]

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On Verbosity and Busy Days

April 4, 2009

Big Words and Long Sentences I think the my last few posts have been kind of crappy – but what the hell, people have been reading them.  One of the girls with whom I was emailing on eHarmony (no, I’m not a complete internet dating failure) asked me if I was “verbose”.  I know she […]

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Today’s Hike 3-28-2009

March 28, 2009

Today I’ll be hiking Fir Mountain.  At 3,620 feet, Fir is the 25th highest peak in the Catskills.  It doesn’t have a trail to the summit, so it’ll be a bushwack tomorrow.  I’m planning to head in from the parking area at Burnham Hollow Road and hike south to get to the summit.  It should […]

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