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1,479 Words

May 9, 2010

I don’t really know that I have all that much to say.  I mean, I have plenty to say, but not anything in particular that I’d like to talk about right now.  All weekend long I’ve had threads run through my head that would make nice blog posts:  interesting things I could tease out into […]

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God, Thundercats and the Law of Attraction

November 8, 2009

I have no idea where the time’s gotten off to.  When did it become 1:35AM on Sunday? I had the craziest dreams last night…er, this morning?  Right before I woke up on Saturday morning, and while I dozed through the ante-meridian hours, to be exact. My dreams were kind of ourborean – the end was […]

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Dreams of Ice and Rock

May 2, 2009

Last night I dreamt of large, icy, moving boulders and falling short distances without getting hurt. I also dreamt of my Malaysian friends Didi and Niks, whom I’ve never met. The latter of the two was the first dream segment and is easily analyzeable:  I dreamt that I was sleeping with Niks behind Didi’s back.  […]

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Brenda’s Dreams of Faceless People

April 24, 2009

Today’s request comes from Brenda Goldsberry, of Sacramento California.  Brenda’s a single mom of twin boys, one of whom is on the autism spectrum.  She’s a big fan of NASCAR and other spectator-sports and has traveled extensively.  She’s also pretty involved in various charity organizations.  And she likes Disturbed and Metallica, so she’s aces in […]

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Sunday Night’s Dream

March 4, 2009

I must have had too much sleep on Friday and Saturday nights.  Sunday night I was up every hour and a half.  I only slept for about 5 hours or so that night (in 1.5 hour segments), but each time I fell back asleep, I had an entire dream cycle.  Here are a few of […]

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