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Happy Hump Day Linkfest

August 26, 2009

Happy Hump Day.  I kind of can’t believe we’re here already.  This week, like this month, like the summer, like the year, has been flying by.  We’re just about 3/4 of the way through 2009. So check it: I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time messing around behind the scenes on this blog.  Joining […]

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Dreams of Ice and Rock

May 2, 2009

Last night I dreamt of large, icy, moving boulders and falling short distances without getting hurt. I also dreamt of my Malaysian friends Didi and Niks, whom I’ve never met. The latter of the two was the first dream segment and is easily analyzeable:  I dreamt that I was sleeping with Niks behind Didi’s back.  […]

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Anyone up for Another eSocial Experiment?

April 28, 2009

A few weeks ago, Didi and I did an “eSocial Experiment” that worked out pretty well.  It was a lot of fun for both of us and our readers as well.  Though Didi and I know each other much better now, back then we only had vague impressions of one another via our blogs and […]

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On Feng Shui and Pleasant Irony

April 19, 2009

I was up until about 3:30 in the morning on Friday night, messing with my new SlideShare account, in order to get “NASA’s Next Spacecraft – Alternatives to Ares?” posted properly, so I there was really no way in hell I was waking up two hours later to bushwack 7 miles and climb two mountains.  […]

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first impressions of the online kind

March 20, 2009

If you read yesterday’s post and didn’t get a chance to flip over to Didi’s blog because I’m so long-winded, today you don’t have to.  Being that I’m all about easy content, below is Didi’s blog post from yesterday’s eSocial experiment.  Of course, if you’d prefer to read it in its original format, you can […]

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All About Didi

March 19, 2009

Ok.  Check it out.  As the title states, this post is all about Didi. I’m not really sure how to start, because I don’t really know all that much about Didi.  That makes this post kind of tough for me, because I’m a perfectionist.  I’m also not sure how much about Didi I should reveal, which […]

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A Social Experiment and A Poem

March 18, 2009

Tomorrow is a very special day.  My friend Didi in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and I are going to do a little social experiment.  She’s going to blog about me and I’m going to blog about her.  Thing is, we only really know a little about each other, so from a psycho-sociological standpoint, tomorrow’s posts should […]

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Happy Friday

March 13, 2009

The week is winding down.  It’s Friday.  You’re sitting at work, flipping between Facebook and Twitter and wondering if that crush you had in college finally made a fb page or that maybe you should follow more than the 3,452 people you’re already following because there’s just nothing going ON.  The groups you belong to don’t […]

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