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Make Lemonade

February 18, 2010

Yes, I know it’s been nearly a week since my last post, but I have a good excuse: I’ve only had the use of my left eye since Saturday, and until yesterday, my right eye was in quite a lot of pain. (Skip to around 1:23, please.) Saturday’s hike was Doubletop and Graham mountains – […]

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Today’s Hike: 1-3-2010 Plateau & Sugarloaf

January 3, 2010

Today I’ll be hiking Plateau and Sugarloaf Mountains.  I really hope I have the energy to do so.  I’ve taken the last two days off and feel pretty well rested.  I’ve been eating about as much as I normally do, which is to say not a whole lot.  But I’ve been sucking down water like […]

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Today’s Hike 4-18-2009

April 18, 2009

Today I’ll be hiking Doubletop and Graham Mountains.  Both are bushwacks; I’ve spoken of them before.  The round-trip should be in the neighborhood of 6-7 miles.  The weather’s supposed to be nice.  I’ll be climbing these mountains on approximately 4 hours of sleep (thank you NASA, sense of duty, and desire to be famous).  The […]

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Today’s Hike 3-28-2009

March 28, 2009

Today I’ll be hiking Fir Mountain.  At 3,620 feet, Fir is the 25th highest peak in the Catskills.  It doesn’t have a trail to the summit, so it’ll be a bushwack tomorrow.  I’m planning to head in from the parking area at Burnham Hollow Road and hike south to get to the summit.  It should […]

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Busy, Busy, Busy

March 10, 2009

…as the Trafalmadorians say. This Past Weekend   On Saturday I climbed Rusk Mountain, as I mentioned in that day’s post.  It was a pretty easy bushwack – only about a mile or so to the summit.  That was 31/39 peaks on the way to that Catskill 3500 Club membership I’m working on.  You can […]

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No Hike Today – Blackhead Tomorrow

January 31, 2009

Scott and I won’t be hiking today.  We were up way too late last night.  Thanks to Sophia, Alli, Emily, Christine, Mike, Mark, Gino, and Brian for keeping us up.  Congratulations to those who know what I’m talking about.  And screw Zamalek Cafe for having too many people using their wireless router. Tomorrow, we hike […]

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Hiking Photos

January 28, 2009

I finally got my hiking partner Scott (the vegan success story and current blog-commenter extraordinaire) to dig up his USB cable for his digital camera and bring it by my house.  It took about two months and five minutes in total to get the photos since July uploaded to mycomputer. I’m still working on the […]

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