EWR to NRT 11/27/2015 Part 1

November 28, 2015 · 0 comments

Off to Taiwan again for work.  Second trip this year.  The dude in the seat next to me is going to have a horrible hangover at some point.  Unless, of course, he just continues to drink.  He’s been drinking since he got on the plane.  Maybe had a couple of glasses of water, but it’s pretty much been wine, wine, wine.  One glass of champagne, then on to several glasses of white and now red since the lights were turned down.  We’re about halfway through the trip (been in the air for about 7 hours, so that’s pretty much exactly halfway) and I’ve been smelling wine the whole time.  It’s not really bothering me in the sense that I would like some of my own, but rather in the manner of someone with a little too much cologne/perfume on:  not a big deal for a short period, but frustrating after 7 hours.  He’s not being a drunk ass or anything, which is why I suppose none of the flight attendants have cut him off, but I’m tired of smelling it.  Damn he’s going to have a headache soon.  [Also, I disapprove of his choice of movies so far: D Train, Poltergeist, and the Will Ferrell movie where he’s a rich white guy who goes to live in the ghetto and learn how to be ghetto.  Actually, that one looks pretty good – I approve of almost all Will Ferrell movies (except the Hallmark one), so he gets a little redemption there.  Maybe not enough for voluntarily sitting all the way through D Train, though.]

So now that I got that out of my head and onto the screen, Ant Man was pretty good.  Not as great as everyone was saying, but enjoyable.  I like Corey what’s-his-face and I like Paul Rudd.  I also feel like the actress who played Hope is probably wicked hot, but I had a hard time seeing past her haircut.  No idea why that is.  I’ve got Fantastic Four queued up next – the gritty reboot that got shitty reviews.

Besides the fact that my area of the plane smells like a distillery, my only other complaint is that I somehow bought pouches instead of long cut dip for the plane ride.  I have 10 cans of Skoal mint (which I’m sure are long cut because of the color of the can) and at least 5 cans of Skoal X-Tra mint pouches (the other 5 of that flavor might be long cut, but they’re not in my carry-on and so don’t matter to me now).  The pouches deliver the nicotine just fine, and are certainly cleaner, but they’re not as enjoyable as long cut tobacco.  Yes, yes, I know: dipping is gross.  Well, I enjoy it and at least I’m not smoking anymore.  I’ll quit dipping soon as well (and thus be entirely rid of my nicotine addiction), but that’s not part of the plan for this trip, so I’m allowed to be frustrated that my nicotine delivery system isn’t optimal at present.

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