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June 20, 2011 · 1 comment

Hoo boy.  It’s been 84 days since my last post.  That’s exactly 12 weeks.  Whoops.  Sorry ’bout that, dear reader.

Ok, you’re over it.

Quixotic Jedi mind trick.


I’m at work right now and relatively bored.  Well, not bored exactly, just kind of doing that same old deer-in-the-headlights thing with the stuff I need to do.  Lots of little things that won’t necessarily bring me any particularly flavorful instant gratification.  Just the dull, got-that-done kind.

The Taiwan pr0xy season has basically drawn to a close:  I have two meetings left:  Wednesday and Friday.  Went from balls-to-the-wall to holding my dick, wondering what just happened.  Well, sort of.  I know exactly what just happened, but that’s kind of how it feels.

So I’m not currently crushed at work, but I do have to get back to studying for the NJ bar exam.  I didn’t pass the February exam, so I’m taking it again in July.  Hopefully, “fourth time’s the charm.”  So I now have about 5 weeks in which to study and hopefully learn the stuff I needed to learn in the first, second and third places.  My scaled score was a 130 – I needed a 133 to pass.  That’s like 1/2 a point on one of the essays:  maybe two more (correct) sentences written.

Busy couple of weeks, all told.  Went to the Yankee game last Wednesday; sat in some damned fine seats about 6 rows behind home plate.  John McEnroe and Paul Simon were within spitting distance, though I neither spat on them nor said hello.  Like them, I wasn’t much in the mood to be signing autographs:  I just wanted to watch the game and hang out with my friends.

This past weekend was MINIs on Top:  200-something MINI Coopers gather for weirdo activities and a drive up to the summit of Mount Washington (highest peak in the northeast).  Got to hang out with Brandy and Don, whom I haven’t seen since last year’s MOT.  Val and I drove up to their place in Bristol RI on Thursday night, crashed there, and we all caravanned up to MOT on Friday (we also shared a hotel room and basically spent the entire weekend together).  Pretty awesome.  Brandy and Don are really good peeps.

Anyway, even though I’m lacking in motivation today, the day’s almost over and I have a couple of reports that need to go out before I leave.  I think I’m getting out of here at 5PM so that I can pick Val up at the Secaucus train station, so that we can run home and get the laundry started before it gets too late.  Maybe I’ll clean off my desk and put together a nice to-do list tomorrow.

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Jennifer June 21, 2011 at 13:34

I wondered if you were still alive!


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