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March 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Where the frig did the winter go?  I spent a good portion of the last 3-season pining for the time when I could break my snowshoes back out, and that time’s nearly over.  Not that I can complain:  I probably snowshoed close to 200 miles this winter and bagged about 40 peaks along the way.  I made it up to the Catskills every Saturday and Sunday of every week with the exception of perhaps two days (only one that I can think of).  Definitely a good time, which, I suppose, is why it passed so quickly.

So what’s been up?  No idea where to start on the updating process.  AND it’s midnight now.

So yeah, lots of hiking, and even more planned for the upcoming 3-season.  I’m at 171/420 on the grid and have a shit ton of mountains to climb; I’d also like to get up to the Adirondacks and finish off that 46rs list (I’m at 16/46 on that one) – hopefully I can make a dent in it if we get up there once a month or so.

Katie’s got 17 or 18 out of her Catskill 39 and is right on schedule to finish this year – her plan, not mine.

Scott finished his winter 35 this year and Valerie just finished her regular 39.  Debbie finished her 39 back in January or February – I’m crappy with dates.  So Deb and Val will pick up their certificates at the 3500 Club dinner this weekend and I’ll probably grab Scott’s for him because he and Katie will be at the Yes concert in Atlantic City this weekend.

Oh, I activated the Groupon for the Gravity Vault (indoor rock gym) that Katie gave me back in December.  It’s basically a free one-month membership.  I did my belay certification course last Wednesday (where they teach you how to tie the knots and hold the rope to make sure whoever your climbing partner is doesn’t fall and die).  Val took the train out on Thursday night and we climbed together, which was wicked cool.  We’re going to visit her rock gym in Brooklyn on Sunday and I’ll get to meet her rock climbing peeps and hopefully not make an ass out of myself on the wall.  I’m psyched.  Hopefully I’ll get to climb this Tuesday and Thursday.  It’s a nice thing to fit into my schedule.

Work is going pretty well.  No real complaints (worth voicing) on that end.  The bar exam is done and the Taiwan trip has passed, so no more major points of stress upcoming.  I find out whether I passed the bar or not mid-May.  I’m totally 50/50 on that:  if I pass, I won’t be all that surprised; if I don’t I won’t be all that surprised either.

No biggie.  I’m currently reading The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis and am chomping at the bit to get to The Crippled God by Steven Erikson (the next installment of my favorite fantasy series EVAR).  I’ll probably bring that to work with me tomorrow.  I was hoping to start it tonight, but didn’t get to because I was busy barely making a dent in cleaning up the clusterfucked mass of clutter that is my apartment.

So that’s it for now.  I’m bringing my tax stuff with me to work tomorrow, so I can hopefully get started on that.  It’s time to re-evaluate my finances (again) – seems like I just did that, but whatever.

Off to bed.  Peace out, dear reader.  Don’t be a stranger.

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