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January 2011

Fine-Tuning the Meat Suit

January 26, 2011

Ok, ok, ok.  I know it’s been way too long.  Sheesh.  I’ve been busy. Life is good, dear reader.  Busy, but very very good. So here’s the skinny for the past couple of weeks or so: I’ve been hiking (duh).  On the weekends.  Both days.  Lots of miles, lots of mountains.  Fifteen mountains and about […]

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EWR to DIA 1/11/11

January 11, 2011

I’m on a plane.  Again.  To Denver this time, for a conference-type thingie.  This big law firm has put together a three-panel presentation for its clients and attorneys tomorrow.  I’m sitting on the first two panels.  Should be interesting.  I suppose I’m a bit nervous – or rather, I think I should be nervous, but […]

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Relationships, Isolation and Balance

January 6, 2011

In the early pages of The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s notes are quoted thus: Understanding oneself happens through a process of relationships and not through isolation. While I see some truth in that, I think I also need a balance of relationships and isolation.  Solitude is really what I mean:  I need […]

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Normalcy, My Ass

January 4, 2011

Tonight was spent in – in blessed solitude.  Had dinner with Scott (as per our usual Tuesday routine), but instead of going to the Starbucks on 17 and ogling the baristas or Campmor across the road and ogling the gear, I came home and took care of one or two things on my list.  I […]

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2555 Means Something, But I Don’t Know What

January 3, 2011

Life is good, dear reader:  life is good. And busy.  Hoo-boy, is it busy.  What a great weekend.  I climbed North Dome and Sherrill on Friday with Heather, Tom, Debbie, Doug (whom I sort of know from the forum but hadn’t actually met in person) and some dude named Ed.  After dinner and dropping Debbie […]

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