Another Damned Update

December 14, 2010 · 1 comment

I have Apocalyptica playing in the background right now.  A very sad version of “Master of Puppets” is currently playing.  Or maybe it’s just sad because the last track was “Farewell”, which (imho) is a sad song.

I don’t know – have a listen and you tell me, dear reader.  I think I’ve posted that one before.  It always makes me think of love lost and things left unsaid.  Or un-done.

But I’m not too much in the mood to get into all that weepy shite right now.  Things are pretty good on my end, dear reader.  How about you?

Work is slow this week and I’ve been able to catch up on a handful of things that needed doing.  I finally paid my $1200 in back taxes and took care of my car’s registration renewal.  I need to get down to Annapolis to pay a traffic fine and get copies of the court records of it and then swing over to DC to show them proof that my fines are paid so they can un-suspend my DC driver’s license, so that I can get a copy of my DC driver’s abstract – all for my NJ Bar application.  My NJ license abstract should be in the mail.

I posted a trip report for this weekend’s hikes over at the forum today – I should probably dump that in before this post so I don’t lose that piece of writing.  Not that it’s necessarily worth the read, but because this site is basically my pile of writings, whatever the nature.  Except for work stuff.  I’ve written some damned good emails for work, but I doubt you’d be interested in reading those; nor do I particularly want to save them outside of my Outlook at work.  =/

I need to get back to writing fiction.  I mentioned a few posts ago that I have an idea for a novel – though it’s not necessarily a novel idea – well, I’ve got about six of those iPhone voice memos with ideas for the story, just sitting there waiting to be written.  We’ll see if I ever get to it.

I’m currently reading Matter by Iain M. Banks.  It’s ok.  I’m able to put it down and I’m not dying to pick it back up right now, which means it’s barely ok.  There are only a couple of hundred pages left and I’m not exactly sure where he’s going with it or how it will end – which would be a good thing if it were a bit more exciting a book.  I prefer fiction I can’t put down, but hey, that’s just me.

Has anybody out there read any David Foster Wallace?  Infinite Jest has been recommended to me a couple of times that I can remember – once more and it will be three and then I’ll have to read it.  And no, if you mention it in the comments, that won’t count as #3 – it needs to be random and unexpected.

So yeah, kinda boring, I know.  I’m just not feeling all that excited about anything in particular right now.  I have a handful of things running through my head, several of which are nunya and a couple of which aren’t worth the pixels.

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melissa December 15, 2010 at 07:53

i was also recommended and subsequently purchased infinite jest, but after about 200 pages, the endnotes made *me* want to hang myself. i returned to the person who recommended the book for advice on how best to continue reading it. they admitted then that it was a total slog motivated purely by bragging rights.

i think i may be too hopeless a creature of narrative to really enjoy too much postmodern fiction (house of leaves? seriously?). but i did love tom mccarthy’s “remainder,” which is very weird and awesome. in fact, read that instead.


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