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November 23, 2010 · 0 comments

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Cool Rocky, Lone, Table, Peekamoose 11/13/2010

Ok, just so nobody thinks I’ve stopped hiking, I climbed those four mountains last Saturday with debmonster and Vladimir (a monster in his own right).  Here’s the tracklog over at my EveryTrail page.  Note the circuituous route between Rocky and Lone: we really didn’t have to deal with too much pine push-through (I know someone else was bemoaning the density of that particular section earlier this week on the forum).

The Denning PA wasn’t plowed, which was ok because there wasn’t any snow, and the Fisherman’s Path is much more evident than it was a couple of weeks ago after the flood.

We decided to get the boringness of the Fisherman’s Path out of the way first (rather than making it the way home), and I’m glad we did.  I think we only crossed tributaries of the Neversink while on the FP – we basically stayed to the right (southish) the whole time, which involved a little sidehilling and whatnot, but was probably better than six different crossings.

Just like in the title: up Rocky, over to Lone, then to Table, and a quick out & back to Peek before we headed back to Denning.  Found a BSA hiking stick by the can at Lone (and replaced the calling card of mine that mudhook stole from the next ex-Mrs. Wallace – the one that was in the canister).  As soon as life slows down, I’ll mail the hiking pole to the guy (sorry bro, I forgot your name).  We caught up on Monday on the 3500 Club Yahoo group.  Thanks, btw, for leaving the staff at the can: the laughter the three of us got on the way home that touched on (pun, and a good example of the forthcoming) all different scenarios involving “the boy scout’s pole” was priceless.

PS:  Molly, I know that DFH really means Dog From Heaven.  Can’t wait to meet you in the flesh, sweetheart.

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