Thanks and Good Night

September 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who will be helping transport RedCloud up to Heather this weekend.  I’ll be taking care of the NJ legs and am looking forward to having a dog ride shotgun again (if only for the day and unless he decides to sleep in the back).  Thanks especially to Chris Shammel and Shannon Baranoski, who emailed/facebooked me with offers to help.

Tomorrow (technically today) is the Warrior Dash up at the Windham ski area – a 3.2 mile race up and down the mountain with 9 obstacles and lots of mud.  I think I signed up for the 1PM heat, but it might have been the 11AM one (can’t find the initial confirmation email and they never sent me another), so I need to get my ass in bed like NOW.

Work is busy.  Life is good.

Peace out.

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