Thinking About Dogs

September 10, 2010 · 0 comments

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about getting a dog.  I don’t think I will; my lifestyle isn’t really conducive to having a dog – I’m usually away from the apartment for 12-14 hours in a row each day.  I mostly just sleep here and spend some time on the internet or reading just before doing that.  When I was married and lived in DC, we did pit bull rescue – at one point, we had six dogs in our two bedroom apartment.  I’m not thinking about six dogs – just one or two.  Puppies would be nice:  I’d like to watch them grow, and I like dogs in pairs – they can be friends and entertain each other by taking turns chewing or peeing on my stuff while I’m not there.  Puppies would probably go well with Laila Jo (my resident cat-ward) – she’d be large and in charge.  Older dogs (especially terriers) would probably make her life a living hell, and being a dude who’s walked in the front door to a dead cat (killed by one of the dogs), I’d rather not repeat that experience.

[On a brief karma note, a couple of days after coming home to the dead cat, I came home to a dead dog – the same one that killed the cat was killed by one of the other dogs, who happened to be a very close friend of the cat.  Kinda shitty memories, those.]

I saw that video on YouTube today of the merengue dog and it just about brought a tear to my eye.  I really wanted to scratch and hug that dog and give it all kinds of love for about fifteen minutes in a row after watching it do that dance.  The smile on his/her face during the dance was awesome!

My friend Heather Rolland is getting a new dog to grow up with her current dogs Iske and Lily.  I’m not necessarily jealous, but I sort of wish I were getting a new dog too.  My parents have three dogs:  Diesel, Radar and Riggs.  Diesel and Radar were rescues of mine from DC – they’re both mutts.  Diesel’s a big guy – well over 100 lbs – with that telltale pit bull blockhead and radar is some kind of weirdo terrier.  He probably weighs about 80 lbs.  Radar was the dog at the shelter that they couldn’t give away – hell I couldn’t give him away.  After my ex-wife and I had him for a while, we fostered him out to this old man, who brought him back to us after like two weeks.  He’s a sweetheart that I guess only we are able to love.  Both are my parents’ dogs now – they haven’t been with me in a good long time.  They’re still happy to see me when I visit, though.

Riggs is my sister’s dog – a little black terrier who tips the scales at maybe 40 lbs.  He’s a total asshole but everyone loves him anyway.  He lives with my parents as well, though my sister recently moved back home for a bit, so he probably qualifies as her dog again.  My brother lives with his dog Clyde:  an all-white pit bull of the purest and most badass-looking kind.  John’s not a particularly good human for his dog, so instead of being the incredibly handsome specimen he was when I rescued him, Clyde’s now a fat sack of shit with cysts all over him.  He’s still a sweetheart, but – much like my brother – is literally a bull in a china shop:  he’s absolutely not an asshole and has decent manners, but he’s not well trained at all.  A 100-something ball of fat and muscle is no fun to take on a walk – especially not when it involves going down a flight of stairs.

I’ve read a bunch of posts on the hiking forum about people hiking with their dogs, and I love meeting dogs on the trail.  Hell, I love hiking with dogs too.  Another reason why I’ve been thinking about dogs lately.

I mostly like big dogs – pit bulls and mastiffs.  I’m a big fan of mutts and I believe wholeheartedly in dog rescue.  I’m not a big fan of pure-bred anything, the first statement of this paragraph notwithstanding.  Labs are ok, but everybody loves them – I’d rather be human to a dog that needs the love.  Little dogs kind of piss me off.  I like the look of blue heelers, but shepherd-bred dogs (especially cattle dogs) can be a pain in the ass around other dogs. 

So anyway, we’ll see.  I’m not really planning on getting a dog right now; I’m just saying that the thought’s been crossing my mind lately.

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