Bloody Frig

September 8, 2010 · 0 comments

I have so much to tell you, dear reader, and what seems like so little time.  So much writing to do.

So (for now) I’ll just give you the short version.  Inasmuch as that’s possible for this blogger with a penchant for verbosity.

Excellent weekend.  Long one.  I took last Wednesday through Friday off from work so that I could get some hiking done in the Adirondacks.  Peakbagging, really.  I left NJ Wednesday morning, drove up to the ‘dacks and hiked in to the lean-to by 5:30PM.  The lean-to is about 3.5 miles from the parking area (Garden).  On Thursday I climbed Mount Marcy, Mount Haystack (via Little Haystack), Basin and Saddleback.  The hike was about 14 miles long and kicked my ass.  I think the overall elevation gain was about 6,000’.  Here’s the map over at my EveryTrail page.

Friday I woke up a bit late and hit the trail around 10:30AM, still sore from Thursday.  I climbed Yard and Big Slide, then packed up my stuff and hiked out.  I was planning to meet SoloJoe on Saturday morning for his 46er finish, but that got canceled, so I grabbed a burger at the Noonmark Diner in Keene Valley and headed home.  Here’s Friday’s hike on EveryTrail.

I showered most of the muck off of me from W-F that night and woke up on Saturday morning to climb Table Mountain in the Catskills with Scott.  Here’s that hike over at EveryTrail.

I slept in a bit on Sunday, did some chores and headed over to Whole Foods for lunch, where I serendipitously met my cousin Julia.  We had a nice conversation back at my place for a bit and I loaned her World War Z and Wicked.  Both are excellent books.  I ended up getting to my parents’ house a bit late for my sister’s bbq, but that’s ok because I ended up being early (relative to the other guests).  We all had a great time; I left around 1:30AM.

I don’t think I did sh*t on Monday but have lunch with Scott and pick up my laundry after the laundromat had closed.

Last night Katie, Scott and I went to see The Rockin’ Denny & Brad at the Village Lantern in . . . um . . . the village.  I didn’t get to bed until about 2:30, so I’m kinda shot right now.

So that’s it for now – more later, I’m sure.  I still have a handful of emails to send out and a couple of trip reports to put together for the hiking forum – but not tonight.  Tonight is for sleeping.

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