Oh Yeah, We Brought It.

August 25, 2010 · 3 comments

What’s that, you ask (dear reader)?  Why, the awesomeness, of course.  Neither my sister Katie nor I forgot to bring the awesomeness to the Apocalyptica show last night.  Which was very important, because whoever put the show together did just that.  Forget to bring the awesomeness, that is.

Oh, Apocalyptica rocked the house in a typically bodacious manner – starting off with covers of Master of Puppets and Seek and Destroy.  When Katie and I saw them last year, there were a helluva lot more people taking care of the James Hetfield parts of the song.  This year, it seemed like we were two of a very few who knew the words to these Metallica songs.  We were also in the minority insofar as we also own the new Apocalyptica album (7th Symphony), which was released yesterday.

After the two covers, they went right into the stuff from the new album – which is pretty good; I need another few listens, but I can say at this point with confidence that the album overall is worth listening to, and a couple of the songs thereon truly rock.  It’s not ridiculously different from their last album, but that’s not a bad thing – Worlds Collide is an excellent album.

But back to my point:  Apocalyptica played for just an hour – from 10:30 to 11:30 (doors were at 8).  The last time we saw them, they played for at least two hours (which, in my humble opinion, is about average for a headlining band).  I think what happened was that the opening act Dir En Grey stayed on the stage longer than they were supposed to.  They were a decent choice for an opener, but listening to them for two hours was not why I bought tickets.

Dir En Grey is a five “man” Japanese group – two guitars, drums, bass and lead singer.  I think they sung in Japanese and I’m not really sure that they played their own instruments.  Katie remarked that one of the guitarists was only in the band because of his pretty hair.  I can’t really say that I found any one of them to be particularly talented.  As a band, their music was relatively cohesive and I’d say they have a certain “rock star” quality to them, but the music was a bit disjointed for my tastes.  And having to watch them for two hours of it was bullshit.  Needless to say, I felt free to go pee and smoke a cigarette while they were on stage.


Apocalyptica was pretty excellent, as usual.  For one of the last songs, they even brought up Adam Grontier of Three Days Grace to sing I Don’t Care (from Worlds Collide) – and he did a splendid enough job that I was prompted to spontaneously yell “don’t kill yourself, emo scum” after the song ended.  [Yes, I’m wondering if something spontaneous could be prompted too, dear reader.]  In any case, I really dig that song.

The other dude they had up on stage to sing two songs from 7th Symphony really needs that metal surgery – and I’m not talking about adamantium, dear reader:  I mean the kind where he actually gets some metal in his blood, like maybe mercury or something.  I had a hard time even throwing up short horns for that queer.  And now I feel bad for associating his wussy-ass with all my homosexual friends.  Please forgive me this transgression, but I’m pretty sure he likes it in the pooper.

Anyway, anybody like Flyleaf?  After hearing the chick on one of the 7th Symphony tracks, I’m thinking about picking up an album.  Any suggestions?

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Shannon Baranoski August 26, 2010 at 00:14

ugh i’m so jealous you saw apocalyptica. and adam. i would gladly throw myself at any one of them.
ahem anyways…
i have the first flyleaf album (self-titled) and definitely love it. i’ve only heard the singles off their second album, so i can’t really say much about it.


Katie Wallace August 26, 2010 at 09:14

I love being mentioned in your blog. I’m so special!


Katie Wallace August 26, 2010 at 10:15

Like the short pirate ship special


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