Gone Hikin’

July 13, 2010 · 0 comments

Ok, I’m gone until Sunday.  I’m headed up to the Adirondacks Wednesday morning; I should get there early afternoon.  The plan is to park at Upper Works (a smidge to the east of Henderson Lake) and hike the 5-ish miles in to a lean-to at Flowed Lands (between Lake Colden and Livingston Pond.  If I arrive early enough on Wednesday, I’ll run up and down Mount Marshall (4360′ – maybe 4 or so miles round trip).

On Thursday, I hope to wake up early and climb Cliff Mountain (3944′), Mt. Redfield (4606′), Gray Peak (4840′), possibly Mt. Marcy (5344′ and the highest peak in the ‘dacks), and Mt. Skylight (4926’).  I may end up skipping Marcy and saving that for a traverse of the Great Range, similar to SoloJoe’s Mammoth Traverse from back in May.

Allen Mountain (4347′) is in that neighborhood, but it’s a long, long bushwhack away; I may try for that on Friday, or just bag Mount Colden (4715′) and boogie on back to the car.  It’s supposed to rain on Friday anyway.

I hope to be either back to the car or heading out from the lean-to between 4 and 6PM on Friday so that I can make it to the Catskills before dark.  I’ll hike into a lean-to (I’ll figure out which one sometime on Friday) and get my ass to sleep.  Scott will meet me on Saturday morning and we’ll bag a couple of CHH and/or grid peaks during the day on Saturday and head home.

Here’s the general area where I’ll be in the Adirondacks:

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