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So I’m still in a funk.  At least, I think I am.  Maybe I’m just exhausted from the weekend and today’s heat.  I got into my car at 17:30 today and the temperature gauge said 109.  The car was, however, sitting in full sun in the parking lot all day, and it quickly cooled to a balmy 104 as I drove home.  What a crappy day to be a smoker.  50-60 degrees in the office, 100-something outside.  Making the trips between the two temperatures was, to say the least, unpleasant.

I much prefer to blog when I’m in a happy mood and have fun things to talk about – how life is a bowl of cherries and all that shiz.  But someone (read:  sister Katie) has been giving me crap on facebook about not posting as often and/or posting infographics, so that’s why I’m writing now.

I can’t really say I don’t like it, but I just don’t have much to talk about.

This was, however, a good weekend:  Scott and I climbed Fir Mountain on Saturday and then Rocky and Lone Mountains on Monday.  Those were Scott’s last three mountains for the Catskill 3500 Club.  Congratulations, brother!

All three mountains were bushwhacks, and the last two were a 10-mile hike.  I’m pretty proud of Scott’s accomplishment.

Sunday was an off-day for hiking, so I just lazed about and got the usual errands done.  I finished Heather Rolland’s first novel Finders, Seekers, Losers, Keepers and started on her second one Honey Melon Fudge.  Book review(s) to follow shortly.  It’s been really cool to be able to correspond (via facebook) with the author of the book I’m currently reading.  =)

That’s it for now.  Work is slow as sh*t and I have pretty much ZERO motivation.  Maybe it’s the heat.  Maybe it’s dehydration.  Tomorrow will be a better day (not that today wasn’t a good day).  See you then.

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Scott July 6, 2010 at 23:14

Face tha funk now blastin’ out ya Speaker and thanks for dragging ur ass up mountains you already climbed


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