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This’ll be short, because I have to go to bed in order to wake up early tomorrow morning.  Srsly.

Scott and I hiked Fir Mountain yesterday, and we’ll be hiking Lone and Rocky tomorrow (er, today).  Lone and Rocky are Scott’s last two mountains for the Catskill 3500 Club.  Here’s a link to the EveryTrail map of yesterday’s hike, and another link to the TR I filed in the forum.

I think my melancholia is slowly dissipating – getting some exercise yesterday definitely helped.  After hiking, Scott stopped by his sister’s barbecue and I headed over to my brother’s place to walk Clyde (his dog).  Then Scott and I met back up and had dinner at PF Chang’s.  Scott shared his tofu-and-styrofoam appetizer with me, and I enjoyed my Mongolian Beef People entree.  I spent some time practicing ‘mindful eating’ (you know, where you actually pay attention to what you’re doing, instead of simply inhaling fuel for the love machine).  That was really nice.  Hunger truly is the best sauce.  Though I suppose that truism isn’t all that applicable in this case, because the sauces at PF Chang’s are pretty good by themselves.

After that, we stopped by a barbecue at the home of one of Scott’s friends from high school.  Though I was certainly glad that the words ‘law school’ and ‘mensa’ were not brought up in the conversation, I didn’t feel all that out of place.  I mean, I know how to have conversations with strangers at parties.  Once upon a time, I would have felt like some sort of nerd or outcast when rubbing elbows with the ilk of this particular crowd.  Last night I didn’t, which was a good reminder to me that pretty much anytime I’m uncomfortable in a social situation, that discomfort comes from within me – not from without.

Today I slept in, did my laundry, washed the car and downloaded two Daft Punk albums.  Discovery is ok, but it doesn’t really have what I’m looking for – I think most of the tracks are either ripe for a remix or are begging for a phatty bass line to kick them up.  Alive 2007 is phenomenal.  It will be playing in my car (loudly) for the foreseeable future.

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