This Morning’s Email Exchange:

June 9, 2010 · 3 comments

Here’s the email exchange between Brian, Scott and me.  I’m mostly in the background, laughing mfao:

Brian:  Yo Ted – what’s up with the blog dogs?  I feel like I can’t get my morning started without reading some shit.  What’s up?  You been busy?

Scott:  That fool has been living at work get a newspaper read that

Brian:  Dude it’s not the same.  I have to read about how Ted’s love life sucks or how many mountains he climbed this weekend or at least a new infographic to learn about some stupid bullshit.

Scott:  Me and Scott The Fat Vegan hiked Rusk Mtn. this past Saturday it was a straight up bushwhack but we were ready for it.  It was only about 4 miles but seemed much further cause of the bushwhack part.  It was fun to watch Scotts fat ass just push through the thick pines knowing trees down and and almost breaking his neck every five feet he’s good for that.  We reached the summit around noon then headed over to East Rusk just in case it was part of the Catskill Hundred highest which it wasn’t I found out later that it was PUD (pointless up and down).  We got back to the car and headed home. 

On Sunday we took three guys from Union City out on a hike for our fresh air fund project.  We hiked about 4 miles inside palisades state park.  They only feel a couple times and made it out alive and we got back to the car right before it started pouring out.

Other than that I have been swamped at work this being the peak of the proxy season which also means no dating not that I would be on a date cause E Harmony sucks the big dirty dongus.  But if any of you want to get jiggy with it and are under a hundred pounds I’m open to that.  Well I’m off to bed morning comes early these days.

Brian:  Dude that’s hilarious.  Thanks for that.  Did you & Ted rape those Union guys in the woods?  I’m sure that’s part of the program.

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Being Samiantha June 9, 2010 at 10:36

Oh how I’ve missed the witty banter of Scott and Brian….. oh ya Welcome back Ted, ’bout friggin time!!!!

I’ve been subjected to reading subpar crap while you’ve been “busy”.

xo ;p


The Naked Redhead June 9, 2010 at 11:02

Oh. My. God. “But if any of you want to get jiggy with it and are under a hundred pounds I’m open to that.” Mwhahahahaa…amazing!


Brian June 10, 2010 at 08:34

Wow I think I’m famous now. TNR can you change that to under 300 pounds? I’ve heard that the big guys do more stuff anyway ;)


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