(Quick) Weekend Update

May 16, 2010 · 3 comments

At the risk of totally killing my chances with Sally Wilhite, I have to say that the new Godsmack album The Oracle is pretty effin ausim.  My friend Jeanne burned it for me a week or so ago and I’ve been rocking out to it in my car ever since.

This weekend has been excellent.  I started it by leaving early from work on Friday and getting my head straight by spending a couple of hours reading in the sun at the Glen Rock Starbucks and then heading over to Garden State Plaza to have dinner with my family at Grand Lux Cafe.  After that, Katie, John, Mom and I went to see a Queen tribute band play at the Bergen PAC in Englewood.  Check back a little later and I’ll post a couple of the videos I took whilst I was there.  Definitely a good time.

I slept in on Saturday and spent the day procrastinating cleaning my desk.  And I’m happy to report that it’s STILL not clean.  Luckily, Saturday’s procrastination was relatively productive:  I cleaned my house and even put two coats of polish on the kitchen floor (after removing everything in my kitchen to the driveway and scrubbing the floor thoroughly); I also did my laundry, picked up the mail, forgot to pick up my dry cleaning and even found time to read some more in the sun and hit up Campmor and EMS with Scott.

Saturday night I went to Dingbatz with Jeanne to see a couple of 80s hair metal cover bands.  One was, I believe, entirely a Def Leppard tribute band.  I don’t know DL all that well and have never been to a show, so I can’t really comment on how well they did.  The drummer used both arms, which kind of pissed me off.  They played “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, though, so it wasn’t a total loss.  Jeanne and I had a good time in any case.

One word:  tinitus.

Sunday I woke up a few minutes before Brian picked me up to go hit golf balls.  We went to a driving range in Edgewater and tried to hit the Hudson.  We weren’t allowed to hit our woods from the top level, though, so there wasn’t much chance of actually hitting a boat, so we made do with the picker.  As we were getting ready to leave, a little Asian lady with her daughter walked up to me and said “I have two balls left; will you show me how far a 7 iron is supposed to go?” and handed her balls to me.  The goddess must have been smiling on me, because I hit both balls straight and around 150-175 yards (which is exactly how far I told her they should go).  She was duly impressed and I was duly humbled.

Afterward, Brian and I went into the Asian food court-cum-grocery store and ate big bowls of ramen and some other unidentifiable things (one of which were DEFINITELY hard boiled eggs) and shopped in the grocery store.  Brian bought a bunch of candy and I picked up some loose green tea.

Brian dropped me back off at home and I swung back to the Glen Rock Starbucks to read some more in the sun and then went home and changed into my running gear (board shorts, mp3 player and running shoes) and proceeded to run longer and farther than I’ve yet done before.  Which really wasn’t all that long or far, but I was impressed with myself.  And I hate running.

But I needed SOME sort of exercise this weekend – I haven’t been hiking in a couple of weeks now and my moods were starting to swing a bit toward the end of this past week.

After that, I showered, stopped at the grocery store to pick up the mix for tomorrow’s bundt cake and headed in to the office.  I spent a couple of hours preparing and rocked my 8:30PM conference call with five chicks in Taiwan.

Then I headed home and hit the diner with Scott for dinner, responded to a couple of emails from Taiwanese clients and baked my bundt cake.

And now it’s time for bed because one of my Taiwanese clients thinks I’m going to be in the office at 9AM tomorrow.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I never get to work on time.

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Jillian May 17, 2010 at 07:28

“The drummer used both arms, which kind of pissed me off.”

Hilarious. Had me LOLing. And I never LOL.

(I mean, yes, I do laugh out loud sometimes, but never LOL.)


Jennifer May 17, 2010 at 09:47

Sounds like a great weekend. :) Hope you enjoy work this week. Gosh! Work sucks, doesn’t it? Especially after having such a great time.


Brian May 17, 2010 at 10:01

I had a great time on Sunday Ted. Thanks for rollin wit me. I can’t wait to eat down there again. For all of Ted’s loyal readers here is what that wierdo likes to eat:



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