Today Was a Good Day

May 2, 2010 · 1 comment

Life is good.  Today was a good day.

My thanks to Brian for booking me out for the morning – “I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 10:30,” he said.  He did.  We swung up to the driving range at Darlington and hit a bucket of balls with Anthony, then ran a few errands and had lunch together.  Deposited a check from the copywriting company and opened a bunch of other mail as well.  No other checks, but that’ll change soon.

Afterward, I rolled by the office for a quick visit with Katie, Dad and Uncle Dick.  Then off to the car wash and home to polish and wax the Mini.  In between, I picked up a router so that I can use both this laptop and the crappy one work is letting me borrow.  I also eyeballed a 22-inch screen; I’ll probably pick it up tomorrow.  It was between 85 and 90 degrees out all day and I did a respectable amount of sweating.

Had a good conversation with SoloJoe while I drank coffee and watched the wax on my car dry, then rubbed the wax off, showered, ate at Whole Foods and slid on down to the Ridgewood Starbucks to get some copywriting done.  One article; not bad – I’m getting faster.  I even had time for a couple hours of reading this evening.  And holy sh*t, I’m even putting together a blog post.

Yes, today was a good day.

Tomorrow will be as well.  Assuming I don’t sleep the day away, my plan is to take care of the usual laundry/clean/etc. errands and – more importantly – clean and organize my desk.  I’m going to pick up that big monitor and set up my desk so that I have the use of both laptops at once.  I’ll do some more copywriting and reading and probably upload and customize a new theme for this here blog.

Oh, and pay bills.  I love paying bills.

It’s mostly feng shui, but that’s ok by me:  I feel incredibly efficient right now, and efficiency is the REAL currency of my life.  That’s how I know I’m living well.

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Brian May 4, 2010 at 09:20

Thanks for the shout out and the dope video by Ice Cube. Such a great song. Positive and uplifting.


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