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April 11, 2010 · 1 comment

Another weekend come and gone.  Where does the time go, dear reader?

Saturday I woke up at a decent hour (around 10:30), did my laundry, got a haircut, visited my local outdoor stores and visited with my sister and father at work.  Then I hung out with Scott in the evening – we had dinner with his sister Becky and her boyfriend Mike at Park & Orchard in Rutherford.  Definitely a nice time.

Sunday I lazed around all morning and finally got a move-on around 1:30 or so.  I spent some time reading on the patio at the Starbucks in Glen Rock, had lunch at Whole Foods and ran down to the office around 5 or so.  I spent a couple of hours there, prepping for the week (con call with a French client Monday at 10AM).  Then I went to the Stop & Shop to pick up fixins for dinner and tomorrow’s cake and spent an hour and a bit at the Starbucks in Ridgewood, doing some copywriting stuff and procrastinating on buying a pack and a tent.

As it turns out, one needs a bear canister if one plans to camp in Adirondack State Park.  Skip down to the “Yellow-Yellow” part of that Wikipedia article – and then read the Product Notices page over at the BearVault site.  There are some smart bears up around Marcy Dam (where I’ll be spending quite a bit of time camping this year, in order to bag all the nearby peaks).

Or don’t.  I know you don’t click on the links I include in my posts, dear reader.  So I’ll give you the skinny.  The Product Notices page over at the BearVault site basically says that there’s one place in the world where the bears are smart enough to open their bear-proof food containers:  Adirondack State Park, specifically in the Marcy Dam area.  Ha.

So it looks like I’ll be buying a Garcia bear can.

I’m still up in the air as far as a pack and a tent go.  I think I’m going to get the Eureka! Backcountry 1.  It’s (relatively) inexpensive, and I think it’ll cover me (no pun) for what I need right now.

After speaking to one of the dudes at Ramsey Outdoor Store for a couple of hours, I think I’m going to revise my pack size requirement from 80L to something more like 60 or 70L.  Which makes the Osprey Aether 70 on sale at ROS look pretty good right now.  I’ll probably pick it up on Monday or Tuesday – enough hemming and hawing, I need a pack NOW.  I know I need to just buy something and either get used to it (more likely) or get something else (less likely).  I have no idea why I’m so gun-shy about pulling the trigger, though.

Man-up, Ted.

As much as I’d like to pick up another Deuter pack, their strap systems are one-size-fits-all, and I’m a little smaller than your average hiker.  Not ridiculously so, but to the point where I’m appreciative of “medium”-sized strap systems.  We’ll see:  the way things have been going, the Aether 70 on sale at ROS is probably a large or a small and I’ll end up having to order something online anyway.

Ok.  I just ordered the tent.

Enough talk.  This is going to be a busy week.  Hell, this is going to be a busy spring and summer.  Work-wise, I need to make sure I’ve got a firm hold of those fuzzy things hanging between my legs and not let my people-pleasing paint me into corners.  I (finally) sent my “if you need me, find me between 10AM and 3PM or I can’t help you” email to the group this afternoon.  Hopefully they’ll remember.  Ha.

So here’s the plan:  get a pack this week.  Work this week (hard, as usual).  Spend at least 5 hours copywriting so I can underwrite these big hiking purchases.  Leave work early on Friday.  Camp Friday night.  Bag peaks Saturday during the day and party with Katie in the evening.

Katie, what would you like for your birthday?  Right now it’s looking like a fat wad of cash (if I break it down into singles).  I’m still working on getting us tickets to Apocalyptica.  I figure at the very least, we can get to Nokia way early and see if we can scalp tickets before the market drives the prices through the roof.  If we can’t get them or they’re just too expensive, we can hang out in Times Square, eat dinner and make fun of tourists.

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Heather April 12, 2010 at 06:04

Hey – if you have time and inclination – perhaps check prices at Rock and Snow in New Paltz: They have surprised me a couple of times with substantially better prices. And they are local folks.

I am also a tad smaller than the average hiker and especially for backpacking, I’d spend time/effort/cash on getting two critical pieces of equipment: boots and the right pack. My pack is only “eh” and after a long day fully loaded, I’m not a happy camper (groan).

Best wishes for a kick-ass week.


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