Ramble Damble

March 25, 2010 · 0 comments

What to write about?  Blech.  I skip most blog posts that start with lines like that – wouldn’t blame you if you skipped this one.  Never know, though, I tend to finish stronger than I start.

I called out sick from work on Wednesday.  On Tuesday afternoon I felt like I’d been out partying all weekend long and it was Monday morning.  I’m glad I did – take the day off, that is – I felt much better and was much more productive at work today.

This Saturday is the Catskill 3500 Club annual dinner and I have some volunteer work to do at the county jail in the morning, so I’ll be taking the day off from hiking.  I need to come up with a new hiking/peakbagging goal pretty soon.  Maybe I’ll finish off the Long Path.  Thing is, those hikes need to be end-to-end and work much better with a hiking partner and two cars.  Maybe I’ll practice my hitch-hiking or something.

The Adirondack 46ers is probably the most obvious next goal.  There’s also the Catskill highest hundred.  And I can always work on my Catskill 420 grid in the meantime.  There are plenty of mountains to climb while I’m trying to figure out which list I’d like to complete next.

No matter what, I think I’ll need to invest in some camping gear – a bigger pack, a lighter sleeping bag and a pad, a tent, and probably a handful of other things that I don’t even know about because I’ve never really camped solo before.  The ‘dacks are 5.5 hours away, so it really makes no sense to try to bag those peaks in day trips.  Probably the best move would be to drive up to the Cats on Friday night, hike into a lean-to, camp there, head up to the ‘dacks in the morning, drop my stuff at a lean-to there, bag peaks on Saturday, camp, and bag peaks and drive home on Sunday.  That sounds like an awful lot, huh?

I could probably make two-day trips out of the Long Path and ask a friend or someone in my family to pick me up from my destination on Sunday afternoon and shuttle me back to my car, but that also means I’ll be carrying my camping shite for the whole of the hike – and that can get heavy.  Yeah, yeah, “go ultralight.”

I don’t know that I want to spend the whole of every weekend in the woods, either.  I do very well with hiking hard on Saturday and taking it easy and running errands on Sunday.  Hell, my laundry’s got to get done, car and apartment have to be cleaned, etc.  Plus, I’d like to be able to get out in my kayak on Sundays as well.

This is going to take some time.  I need to put together another inventory & priorities list soon.  But above all, I need to do my taxes.  Until I get that done, I won’t know what my money situation will look like for the rest of the year – at least not as far as my meager/paltry savings goes.  A motorcycle was on my list for this spring, and a winter trip to the Andes in Peru has been on my to-do list for the last couple of years.  An acre of land in the Catskills to use as a getaway and a staging point for the ‘dacks has also been weighing heavily on my mind of late.

I’m sitting in the Ridgewood Starbucks right now – I was hoping the slight change of venue would give me a bit of a motivational boost to get some prioritizing (or something – anything – else) done, but it really hasn’t.  Shit, I just spent about 20 minutes skimming through the internet dating sites and only getting depressed.  It’s like “why bother emailing her?  She’s not going to email back.”  That’s a pretty crappy place to be, dear reader.  I haven’t even looked at these sites in months (beyond checking my OkCupid quiver via my iPhone app); I didn’t really miss much.  Getting into that mating mindset just effs with me anyway – I start thinking about moving to Brooklyn or Montclair or something.  Things are good where I’m at, and it doesn’t look like anything big enough is going to change to justify a move to either place.  I’ll stick that on my next inventory & priorities list.  Hopefully I can get that done this weekend.

How’s that for a strong finish?  You should’ve stopped reading when I told you to.  =p

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