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March 22, 2010 · 1 comment

I’m off to bed.  Should have done so an hour ago.  I’m exhausted – this weekend wasn’t necessarily long, but I didn’t get the relaxation/decompression time I usually do, so I was a worthless sack of sh*t at work today and hope not to be tomorrow.  I burned a lot of calories this weekend and haven’t had a chance to replenish yet.  Plus, rain in the morning is meant for sleeping in – the goddess told me so – and I didn’t get to do that this morning (nor did I get enough sleep last night).

So, as such, there will be, er, that is to say, no post today.  At least nothing ridiculously interesting.  If you’re bored at work and want something to read, below is the trip report I posted on the ADK High Peaks forum.  My apologies to any of you friggers who jumped from said post to this here web-site, only to see the same words all over again.

My advice:  flip around a bit – you may see something you like.  Or not.  I’m not that worried about it.  But welcome all the same (you friggers from the forum, and anybody else who’s new here).  [Brian, Scott, you’re not new here.]

Anyway, there’s thunder and lightning and some heavy rain blowing through around my little bungalow right now and I intend to take full advantage of the sleep inducing qualities thereof.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to people on facebook what “x/35W” means. Yesterday I got to post “35/35W”.

I hiked Eagle last year on 3/22 and the conditions weren’t much different from yesterday’s: wet. If I’d have realized sooner that I still needed Eagle to finish my winter 35, I certainly would have hiked it in another month. Besides the stream crossings, heavy snow and all the water on the trail, I can’t even count yesterday’s hike for my 420 grid. Oh well, as Drama once said to me “there’s worse things than having to hike another day.”

So yeah, it was wet yesterday. All over the place. Most of the stream crossings were relatively easy, with the exception of the Flat Iron Brook and one other crossing maybe 1/4 mile downhill from the lean-to. As SoloJoe mentioned in his trip report, I used a tree trunk to shimmy across the Flat Iron Brook. It’s about 100 yards upstream from where the trail crosses. If you’re into wading and/or getting your boots wet, great; if not, I suggest the tree trunk. I used the same one last year and it’s pretty solid, so I think it’ll be there for at least another year or two – though if you’re reading this in 2012, I’d suggest you find a more recent trip report than this one, just to be sure.

SoloJoe and I met up at Seager and split off about a mile in, near the bridge. He headed off to Doubletop (nice double-finish, Joe), and I to Eagle. The hike to Eagle was relatively uneventful; I had my snowshoes on the whole time. There was a party of three ahead of me who postholed it up to the lean-to and then spent an hour drying their boots out by the fire before donning their snowshoes and heading to the summit. I caught up to them about 200 yards from the summit – Catskill 3500 Club members, all. There are still a good two or so feet of snow on the summit, though what’s left on the trail on the way up is melting fast.

As I was shimmying across the aforementioned tree trunk on the way up the mountain, it occurred to me that that was one of the times where it would be nice to have a hiking partner – so that we could snap photos of one another crossing the rushing brook via a big log while wearing snowshoes. I debated pulling out my iPhone and taking a pic, but figured Murphy’s Law applies in the woods as much as (if not more than) anywhere else, and settled for making sure my pockets were all zipped up. Halfway across, mind you.

It took me about 2.5 hours to get to the summit (I was tired from yesterday’s hike) and about 1 hour to get back down to the crossing. As I was almost across the second time, Joe passed right by. I called out to him and he laughed and asked if he could take a few photos, and he did. He just informed me via PM that, while he would certainly email them to me, the photos are too explicit to post on the internet – with or without my permission – and that I “look like a dog humping a tree”. I’m looking forward to my new avatar. =) (If only to see what my sunburn and upper-body scratches look like from hiking two days in a row without a shirt on.)

So that’s it: winter finish. 35/35W. All solo hikes with the exception of the few miles down Lone late that night with SoloJoe and Drama, and the couple of miles in and out yesterday with SoloJoe. See you at the dinner; I’ll probably be fully clothed.

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Jim Spaulding March 24, 2010 at 11:06

It’s nice to have a bungalow, and congrats on the 35/35W!


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