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March 5, 2010 · 0 comments

Yay technology.  I can now check my six email addresses from my iPhone.  I just added two new ones – one is a brand-new gmail account for copywriting stuff, and the other is my already-existing MobileMe account.

Nobody likes blog posts that start off with anything that even vaguely resembles “…haven’t blogged in a while…”, especially not ones that include an apology to the reader.  So, to wit:

Fuck you, dear reader; I’ve been busy.

Blogging isn’t really any kind of a chore for me – I really dig it, in fact.  It’s cathartic and does wonders for the organization of my thoughts – past, present and future.  But I usually leave that for the end of the day, which has been getting later and later (again) of late.  It’s after midnight right now and I really should have been in bed a while ago.

Things are going very well at work.  I’m a fuckin’ animal.  Projects that used to take me a day or two to complete two years ago (or half a day, a year ago) are only taking me a couple of hours now.  I’m able to find answers to people’s questions in seconds – and some of said people have been doing this kind of work for many more years than me.  I blame regular chess for my refined ability to switch gears and come at problems from different angles.  In the last couple of weeks, my boss has seemed genuinely happy to see me every day.  And I’m not getting into the office any earlier.  I’m also a lot more confident – my answers and solutions to questions or issues have been coming quicker and with more assurance than ever before.

That said, I’ve been a little low on the self-confidence scale of late.  Not in any overt manner – I’m not all cowed or anything – but I seem to have something niggling at the back of my head, something stirring the hairs on the back of my neck that feels like a lack of self-confidence.  I’m not sure quite what it is.  Every time I turn around (figuratively speaking), there’s nothing there.  Any general inventory or stock-taking I’ve compiled in the last few weeks has come up well in the black.  I really have no idea what exactly is going on – and the funny/ironic thing is, whenever I examine my feelings, I’m not really all that worried about it either.  I’m pretty chill, which is pretty fly.  What will be, will be:  I’m cool with whatever comes.

So yeah:  writing.  I’ve been doing kind of a lot of that lately (I’m including editing in there, because it uses the same or similar muscles), most of which consists of emails and reports for work.  I have a couple of irons in the fire for copywriting work, which is pretty cool.

But I haven’t really been writing for me all that much.  Not much blogging; no real thought-recording.  I know that’s partly to do with the hour at which I tend to sit down to blog.  It’s also partly due to the fact that I’m verbose – I mean “loquacious” – for whatever effin reason, I can’t bring myself to write a 250-word blog post.  And certainly not during the work day.  WTF.  Everybody else does.

I really need a few hours to sit down and read – zone out from the world and get lost in fiction.  Soon, Ted, soon.

Anyway, I’m off to bed.  Here’s the video from Tuesday night’s Flogging Molly show of If I Ever Leave This World Alive (recorded on my iPhone – god I love that thing):

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