Sort-of Takin’ It Easy

February 5, 2010 · 0 comments

Well, my apartment’s just received a good cleaning – sans any assistance, thankyouverymuch.  One more thing to take care of…

And it’s not blogging.

I sent out my first invoice today as a freelance copywriter – or rather, I sent out my first invoice today to my client: not someone else’s.  Yay?  The day job is still busy as sh*t, but not so bad that I’m getting out of the office at 11PM.  As far as I can tell, I succeeded in what my firm was hired to do, which is increase the voting response from the foreign shareholders for a Taiwanese company’s shareholder meeting.  Last year’s meeting received about 80% response; this one’s at 88%.  The owner of my company is very happy.  He told me today that if the client isn’t happy they can pretty much go fuck themselves.  I’m not sure if the client is happy or not – I’ve hardly heard from them in the last couple of days.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the owner of my company is happy, but it’d be nice to know that the client is pleased as well.

Whatever.  Not much else is going on.  I’m going to sort-of take it easy for a bit.  I have 12 mountains left to climb in my winter peakbagging extravaganza – and seven weekends left to go.  I think there’s a holiday in there somewhere too – President’s Day?  Is the market closed for President’s day?  Is there an apostrophe in Presidents Day?

Most of the mountains I have left to go are going to be pretty tough.  I can rattle them right off the top of my head:

Friday & Balsam Cap: About 5 miles of tough bushwack through extremely dense pine trees.  I’m talking face-scratching, can’t see more than 10 feet bushwack.  While going uphill the whole time (except the col between the mountains – that’s down for a bit).

Lone & Rocky: About 9 or 10 miles, also tough bushwack through dense pines at the summits.  With Friday & Balsam Cap, these almost combine to form a range.  Doing the four together is nigh impossible; definitely so in the winter.

Bearpen & Vly: Um, I don’t know, maybe 6 or 7 miles?  These two are outside of the blue line (not in Catskill State Park), and they’re not on any maps, so I have to make one myself.  Both are bushwacks.

Graham & Doubletop: About a 15 mile bushwack.  I think I’m going to give these two some serious re-thinking.  I did them easy enough in the summer, but add snowshoes and no trail and 15 miles is wicked long.  I’ll probably have to split them up.

Big Indian & Fir: Probably about 8 miles.  There’s a trail almost to the summit of Big Indian; the last bit is a bushwack.  Fir is entirely trailless.  There’s a brook – Buttermilk Brook, I think – at the base of the trail that’s tough to ford if the water’s high.  Definitely not a hike to leave until the spring thaw.  Though if the groundhog was right this year, I won’t really have to worry about that before 3/22.

Kaaterskill High Peak: A relatively tough bushwack; maybe 7 miles, depending on my starting point.  I’ve hiked this mountain twice so far and neither route was particularly easy.  It’s not near any other of the 3500s, so it’s got to be done by itself.

Windham High Peak: The last of the easy mountains:  a smooth incline over 3.5 miles (7 round trip).  With a trail and everything.  The northernmost of the Catskill High Peaks.

Seven weeks and (notwithstanding the Graham/Doubletop issue) seven trips.  Piece of cake.

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