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January 29, 2010 · 0 comments

Well, this one’s for you, Scott.  And everyone else out there who texted, emailed or whatevered something along the lines of “where’s my em-effin blog post, em-effer?”

I’m tired.  Work is very busy right now.  I’m working on a Taiwanese proxy solicitation and it’s eating up my time like crazy.  And I really don’t want to talk about it.  I could probably fill the page with a mildly interesting explanation of what exactly this project involves, but I’ve already done so in my emails to my client.  I’ve probably typed about 15 single-spaced pages worth of text via email alone in the past week.

The pain in the ass is that they’re in Taiwan, so there’s a time-lag in our communications.  They’re 13 hours ahead of us, which means I get to work on Sunday night and have two Monday mornings in my week.  Happily, that also means that Taiwan is halfway through their Friday right now, and I’ll have somewhat of a respite for the next 48 hours.

Unhappily, that’s only one way to look at it.  I still have enough work to do on other things to more-or-less fill my days on a regular basis.  Which means that I still have a full day of catch-up to play at work today.

Whatever.  I’m going hiking on Saturday.  I’ll climb two mountains, eat a big steak at Steve’s Sizzlin’ at some point this weekend and hopefully go see Avatar with Scott and Vallerini on Sunday.  Y’all are welcome to come along if you like, but I’m sure as hell not going to plan an outing.

I need to send out invoices to my two copywriting clients today, too.  I’m going to try to get out of work early.  I was in the office until 11:30 last night and about 10 tonight.  Overall, I suppose the bright side is that this is all good practice for May and June, when I can expect to pull 16-hour days on the regular.  I’ll have 6 Taiwanese proxy solicitations to handle this summer.  And the regular busy season for the US starts in a couple of weeks.

When I’m driving home late at night like I do, my mind sometimes takes me to some pretty interesting places.  It generally starts somewhere along the lines of “if my life were entirely my own, what would I do with it?  Where would I go?  Where would I live?  What would I be like?”

Two years ago this coming busy season, and even a year ago at the same time, I would get pretty pissed as I drove home, thinking thoughts like “I don’t get paid enough” and as many permutations of that as any other Mensa member might be able to come up with.  I’m going to avoid thinking like that this coming busy season.

But I would like to own a small to medium-sized sailboat and spend some time island hopping in a warm blue archipelago sometime before I die.

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