MLK Day Off

January 18, 2010 · 0 comments

I’m off today because the market is closed.  It’s like found money: I wasn’t expecting a day off anytime soon.

Saturday I climbed Wittenberg and Cornell mountains.  I met and conversed with five different people.  Two guys in their late 40s or early 50s who were out to do some winter camping for the weekend – they’ve hiked all over the place and had some interesting gear-related stories to tell.  One dude from Long Island with brand new, fancy gear who had claimed the lookout at the top of Wittenberg for his campsite (and who had entirely too much advice to share for my taste).  Another dude named Andy who was out with his dog Nick.  Saturday night was going to be Andy’s first winter camping experience.  His crampons were brand new and he didn’t have showshoes, but he seemed like an avid and able camper, so I assume things went well for him.  I hope Nick stayed warm.  The fifth guy (Jack) was a retired 3500 Club member and I walked the last mile and a half or so to the parking lot with him.  An admitted peakbagger himself, I enjoyed trading bushwacking stories with him.  Jack told me about an unrecognized club within the 3500 Club – those who had completed “the grid”.  That’s hiking each of the 35 peaks in every month of the year.  I’m not sure he should have told me about that.  It’s not an immediate goal of mine right now, but surely something to consider.  With the exception of the dude from Long Island, I think I’d enjoy hiking with any of the guys I met on Saturday.

Saturday night I met my friends Tara and Anna in Allendale to see Tara’s high school friend play her guitar and sing at a coffee bar.  She was quite good.  I can definitely see her playing in a more mature environment.  After that, Tara, Anna and I went out dancing at a place called Ultrabar (I think) in Teaneck.  It was filled with most of the different kinds of people that give New Jersey a bad name.  Probably exactly like what one would see on that show “Jersey Shore”, though I’ve never seen it myself.  But the beats were decent and I, for one, got a good sweat going.  It was definitely a good time.

Climbing mountains and staying out late with no nap or any kind of rest in between on a Saturday means I’m generally made of mush the following Sunday.  This Sunday wasn’t any different.  Especially because I knew I didn’t have to go to work on Monday, I was kind of aimless all day.  While I’m normally pretty focused in my errands-running (laundry, cleaning and the like), today I couldn’t quite make up my mind what to do next.  I got it all done, even with some time to spare for copywriting, but not with the usual sense of purpose I normally do.

I’ve decided – sometime in the last half-hour or so – that I’m not going to go hiking on Monday.  I still have a buttload of copywriting to do if I want to finish the website I started two weeks ago, and I’ve got another assignment from a prospective client who wants to “try me out” on a press release.  So I’ve got to get that done on Monday as well.

As much as I’d like to get ahead in my hiking goal, I think I just have too much work to do.  And my legs still feel a bit mushy.  I think I’d probably set myself back for the week if I went hiking on Monday.  I’m a bit nervous, though, because I don’t do well at waking up at a decent hour when I don’t have someplace to be in the morning.  I’m worried that I’ll sleep until 1 on Monday and then be under the gun time-wise to get my copywriting done.  I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we?  Wish me luck.

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