Today’s Hike: 1-3-2010 Plateau & Sugarloaf

January 3, 2010 · 0 comments

Today I’ll be hiking Plateau and Sugarloaf Mountains.  I really hope I have the energy to do so.  I’ve taken the last two days off and feel pretty well rested.  I’ve been eating about as much as I normally do, which is to say not a whole lot.  But I’ve been sucking down water like crazy.  Which reminds me, I should probably have a pinch of salt or two right now and take my vitamins.  My legs aren’t all that sore, so I think I should be ok.  Sushi for dinner – does rice have carbohydrates, or did I just consume a pound of protein, fat, starch and green tea?

The hike today should be short (about 6 miles) but relatively strenuous.  I’ve got to bushwack about a mile from Mink Hollow Road – which hopefully won’t be snowed under – to get to the trail (Devil’s Path).  Then it’s make a right to head about a mile west to the peak of Plateau, back down, and continue east for another mile to the summit of Sugarloaf (then back down and back to the car).  Each peak will be about a 1400′ vertical from the col.

This will be somewhat of an ego-fueled hike for me:  I’d really like to end this vacation having bagged 9 peaks in 5 trips over the course of a week and a day.

I have other options:  I took a hard look at Cornell and Wittenberg or Peekamoose and Table, but the verticals on both of those hikes would be over 2000′ and the hikes themselves are around 7 or 8 miles apiece.  Being that I’m staring the whole Monday-morning-back-to-work thing in the eye, I think I’ll opt for the lesser of three evils.  I’ll be tired no matter what, but whatever.

It’s supposed to snow all day today and the temperature will be around 12 degrees.  Not necessarily ideal conditions, but at least I’ll be on a marked trail for most of the hike.  You can call me a pussy for hoping that other hikers have left a nice packed showshoe trail for me, but if you’re going to do that, then you should probably put your quadriceps where your mouth is and spend a day climbing mountains in the snow with me.  =)

Here’s the map:

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