North Dome & Sherrill Trip Report

December 31, 2009 · 0 comments

I am exhausted.  I’m definitely going to take Friday off.  North Dome and Sherrill are done, though: peaks 13 and 14 of 35.

I was up kind of late – the alarm on my blackberry woke me up at 7; my regular alarm had been going off since 5:30.  I got to the trailhead around 10AM.  I was putting my boots on as Rick Day (3500 Club member #17-something-something – I’m #1819) was heading off to climb the same mountains, so I had fresh tracks to follow.  That made a HUGE difference in today’s bushwack.  I climbed North Dome first and then Sherrill.  Rick signed in at the Sherrill canister at 1PM; I got there at 1:40.  He was moving pretty well to get that far ahead of me.  Of course, I stopped to talk to a couple walking their german shepherd.  And I was more tired from the other four mountains I’ve climbed this week than I thought, so I was going pretty slowly.

I followed Rick’s tracks back down Sherrill, figuring he’d turn north back to Spruceton Road, but he ended up linking back with his tracks and going back up North Dome.  I didn’t want to do that, so I struck out north from the col between the two mountains to go directly to the road.  I crossed the river at Shoemaker Road and walked about a mile and a half up Spruceton Road back to the trailhead.  The bushwack to the road was steep and tough, but I found a path (of sorts) for the last 1/2 mile or so, which made things much easier.  The last time I did this hike, I came out on Spruceton Road about 1/4 mile closer to the trailhead.

I ended up getting back to the car about 10 minutes before Rick did; he had in fact gone back over North Dome again.

I only took a couple of videos on the way – like I said, I was pretty tired.  They’re two segments of the last hundred yards or so up to the canister at North Dome.  There’s really no feeling like finding the canister at the top of one of these mountains, but the scenery should be pretty nice in the vids:

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