Today’s Hike: 12/30/2009 North Dome & Mount Sherrill

December 29, 2009 · 0 comments

Today I’ll be hiking North Dome and Mount Sherrill.  Both are bushwacks (no trail to the summit) and the trip should be about 5 miles or so.  I’m thinking I’ll probably follow a similar route to what my buddy over at followed, which basically involves hiking down from the summit of Sherrill to Spruceton road, and following that back to the parking area, rather than following my tracks back over North Dome.  You can see his route here.

There are some steep dropoffs on the way down Sherrill to the road.  I was at the military surplus store today and looked at some good lightweight rope, but didn’t buy it.  I probably should have, but whatever.

As with yesterday’s post, I’ll post some pics and videos of the hike when I’m done.

These two will be numbers 13 and 14 of 35.  I still have 12 weekends left to climb the other 21 peaks (in approximately 15 trips).  I’m getting there.  Here’s the map of the two peaks:

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