Vacation Days and Moments of Realization

December 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Today marks the end of my first vacation of 2009, dear reader.  I’ve been distinctly and decidedly not-at-work for the past five days.  Oh, I’ve been checking my emails (and even responding here and there), but I have given ZERO thought to work and what’s going on thereat.  I had a call with a buddy of mine last night to get some advice on how to ask for a raise at the end of this year, but – in my mind – that doesn’t count.  Other than checking the queue for the copywriting gig to see if anything’s available, I haven’t done anything for that job either.

It’s been glorious.

It feels a lot like this song.

I should take vacations all the time.  I’ve been hiking, Christmas shopping, got my car inspected (and re-inspected), bought some bookshelves at Ikea (for me), and did a handful of other me-related things.  Including waking up whenever the hell I pleased.  Glorious, I tell you.  Glorious.

But, like all good things, it’s come to an end.  Sort of.  I’m back to work Thursday and Friday, and there’s plenty of stuff for me to do when I get back (like I said, I’ve been checking my emails), but I think I’m off on Monday as well.  Then Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday back to work, and I’m off for the rest of the year.

As I’ve mentioned (several times, I’m sure), I’m really looking forward to getting a good jump on my Catskills winter peaks goal during that last week of the year.  It’s going to be wicked cold, but I’ve totally got the gear and the mettle.

I’ve totally been living in the moment for the last few days.  Completely relaxed and content.  It’s fucking awesome.

The Quixotic Jedi is one year old, by the way.  Sometime in December – I don’t remember when.  Maybe the 6th.  Happy Birthday, buddy.

To briefly switch gears (from lemon to Rhode Island):

I had an interesting experience this afternoon.  While I was playing chess at the local SBUX with my friend Anthony, I received a phone call from my philosophy student.  She said that she took a nap and woke up thinking about Decartes (we’re studying his first two Meditations on First Philosophy) and wanted to run something by me.

I mentioned these moments of realization way-back-when in the post The Coolest Guy I Know.  I won’t try to describe them fully here – I think I did a good enough job in that post.

So here’s the cool part – the part where I am today exactly who I want to be:

  1. I’m tutoring someone in philosophy,
  2. who called me to ask a question,
  3. while I was playing chess with a buddy.

Go ahead and call me a dork all you like; I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now.  Oh, I may not be that college professor in a sweatervest, tweed jacket and bow tie (though I do own all these things), but I’m closer now than I’ve ever been.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to start applying to undergraduate institutions for a teaching position; I still have to make my fortune in the real world before I can retire to academia.  I’m just saying that the moment of realization that I had this afternoon was wicked fly.

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