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December 15, 2009 · 2 comments

Well I told you once let me tell you again
I never ever wanted to be your best friend
All I really wanted to do is get to know you
All I really wanted to do is get to know you

Well I told you once let me tell you again
I never ever wanted to be your best friend
All I really wanted to do is get to know you
All I really wanted to do is get to know you
In the biblical sense

The Pietasters

Nothing’s been up.  That’s what’s up.  I’m in the middle of my vacation.  Had the day off on Friday, read till like 6:30 in the morning on Saturday, slept till about 2, did some stuff, climbed Indian Head mountain on Sunday, then to my parents’ for dinner (after watching John and Katie decorate the tree), giggled our way through Tropic Thunder and went home to sleep.  Ran some errands today; I’ve got a pretty good idea of what xmas presents I have left to get.

I’m off Tuesday and Wednesday as well.  I might go hiking tomorrow.  I kind of doubt it, but it’s a possibility.

Right now I’m just chomping at the bit, waiting for my week off after Christmas.  I don’t think I’ll climb mountains in the Catskills every day, but I just might try.

Haven’t written any website copy in a while, but I finally got paid for my time last month (which was pretty sweet).

Life is good.

I’m giving some serious thought to inventory-ing pretty much everything I own.  My dresser drawers are fuller than they need to be, and I’m constantly digging through the buckets in my closet for more winter clothes.  My desk is a mess and I have piles of books everywhere.  My place is clean, but the (organized) clutter in the crannies is starting to get to me.

Spring-cleaning type organization is kind of a big task for me.  I’m a total packrat, so I rarely throw things away.  I need to be in a fuckit kind of mood to really do a really good job of inventory-ing, otherwise, I just end up with a better organized system of clutter and very little trash to show for it.

I need bookshelves.  I’m considering buying a little couch and a tv and dvd player.  Not because I watch tv (or even dvds, for that matter), but as kind of a Law of Attraction insurance policy.

There were a couple of stories in that book The Secret that went kind of like this:

A chick really wanted to find a mate.  She lived alone, and was good at it (like me).  After watching The Secret (it was a movie before it was a book), she came to the realization that nothing in her life was conducive to having a mate.  So she cleaned out half her closet and started sleeping on half of her bed; basically “making room” for a mate in her life.  A few weeks later, she met a dude and eventually they got married.  And lived happily ever after (of course).

I don’t have enough closet space for me, and I’m damned-well not going to sleep on half my bed when the whole thing’s free.  So maybe I’m a Secret-cynic.  But I can buy a piece of furniture that will fit two people and purchase some form of (optional) entertainment besides books, chess, the internet and musical instruments for my apartment.  At least then there’ll be some pretext for inviting a chick back to my place.

Yeah, I think a good spring-cleaning is in order for my place.  I need to give a bunch of clothes away to good will before I can go out and purchase new ones – I hardly even know what I need to buy.  Cords.  A new suit.  Um…

See?  If I go through everything I own, I’m sure I’ll come up with more ideas.

That is all.  I’m starting to think that maybe OkCupid sucks as an internet dating site too, but I’m also aware of the fact that it might just be me who sucks at internet dating.

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Jessy Yobane December 15, 2009 at 01:10

it’s just a matter of patient dude, nobody’s really sucks! but I just really want to ask, What’s up?


Katie December 15, 2009 at 11:10

Getting a couch, tv and dvd player might actually be a good call. It’s true, you would never be able to use the line “wanna go back to my place a watch a movie?” The girl would never fall for it if you get back and there is no TV.


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