We Interrupt the Boringness…

December 2, 2009 · 0 comments

Yes, yes, I know, dear reader: post quality has been abhorrently low lately.  I have no excuse except maybe to say that I’ve just not been feeling all that interesting lately.  So before I go on with my uninterestingness, a question:

Have you seen in your travels (on the interwebz) any websites similar to the now-defunct Weekly Writing Assignment?  Somewhere I might go to get ideas with which to pepper this blog with once-again interesting posts?

Please don’t tell me that I just missed NaNoWriMo – I know that all too well.  Maybe next year.  Maybe not.  I don’t know that I’ve got a whole novel in me – and probably not the time to write thousands of words a day in the month of November.

***  And now, back to our regularly scheduled boringness.  ***

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m in total hibernation mode.  I just want to sleep.  In.  Mostly sleep in.  Sure, I want to get out and do stuff, but I don’t want to get up early to do it.  It’s possible that I’ve just been running on fumes for the past few weeks or so – only eating enough to get me by and drinking lots of coffee – but I don’t know that that’s the entire reason.  I think I’m comfortable with the fact that my animal-nature just wants to rest through these always-shorter days.  The days will start getting longer in about 20 days or so, but tomorrow’s daylight will be something like a minute and sixteen seconds shorter than today’s.

I put together a rough outline of this winter’s hikes tonight.  My original plan was to set out which mountains I plan to climb on which weekends, but as I look at my maps, I’m finding that kind of hard to do.  Lots of things go in to my decision as to which mountains I’ll climb on any given weekend:  length of the hike, vertical gain, whether I’ll be on a trail or bushwacking, how much snow will be on the ground, and what kind of snow it’ll be (e.g. fresh/powdery, slushy/heavy, icy, and so on).

I’ve grouped the mountains that are close to one another and the ones that I’ll have to climb singly, and I’ve got notes for each of them as far as at which trailhead I should begin and how many miles each hike will be.  I think my next move will be to give myself some notes as to the overall vertical gain of each hike.  That’s really the last factor.

Then it’ll be a matter of staggering the harder hikes among easier ones.  If anyone feels like snowshoeing with me this winter, they’ll probably enjoy it more on the 2-4 mile up-and-downs than on the 8-12 mile up-one-mountain, down-the-col, up-another-mountain, then down-and-back.  Those can be rough.  On average, I’d say that most of the hikes will be about 7 miles long and will cover two peaks.

27 mountains in 13 weekends is an ambitious goal, but I’m psyched for it.  I’ve requested the last week in December off, so hopefully I can get a good head-start.  Especially because the way the mountains break out is into 17 separate hikes.  They’re not all 2-mountain hikes.  If my boss has any issues with me being off during any of the last days of the month, I’ll happily trade them for any day after 12/22.  I plan to spend as many of my vacation days hiking as possible.

Last year I was giving some serious thought to putting some money aside and hiking the Andes in Peru around Christmastime, but that never materialized and I just don’t have the loot.

I’m taking the day off from work today – ostensibly because I need to burn my vacation days before the end of the year, but also because I have that interview with the headhunter at 3PM in the city.  Jeez, I hope I don’t sleep till noon.  After that, it’s off to see my mechanic at 7PM to talk about fixing my brakes.  Maybe I’ll buy a big knife during my free time today.

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