“The Future’s So Bright…”

November 22, 2009 · 0 comments

…has popped up in my mind quite a few times in the past week or so.  I need a new pair of shades – literally and figuratively.

I can’t point to any one reason for this feeling.  It’s grabbed me from behind in a whole bunch of different situations:  driving in late to work, going out for a smoke, reading something on the internet…the list goes on.  I’m certainly not complaining; it’s a really wonderful thing to have a positive outlook.

I sent my resume off to the recruiter-lady this evening.  Spent about an hour or so tweaking it, after passing it by my buddy Simon, who’s been in the recruiting business before.  I’d say I did a pretty good job, but that’s for them to decide.

Simon and I also had a good conversation about salary increases and whatnot.  He gave me the phone number of a mutual friend who said he’d have a conversation with me about my upcoming review at work.  Raises and bonuses happen at the end-of-the-year reviews, don’cha know.

Part of my reason for feeling like I need a new pair of shades is that I’m not really all that worried about my raise/bonus this year.  Having the copywriting gig has been great for my sense of self-worth.  I get paid once a month, so money goes out right away for bills and I spend the rest of the month watching my balance slowly decline.  The copywriting gig has given me a chance to slow the decay, and that feels good.  Even if I get just the standard cost-of-living salary increase and the same or a slightly larger bonus than last year, I can still make some extra money on the side.  Fear of financial insecurity is still a factor, but it’s mollified by the side work.

I’m also pretty solid in my position at work right now.  My learning curve has plateaued for my regular duties, which leaves me a lot of time to pursue the things about the business that really interest me.  There are a few things that I do that would make me hard to replace, so I’m not hustling into work every day hoping I don’t get fired.  *knock on wood*

That also puts me in a decent position to have a real conversation with my boss about money this year.  I haven’t had a raise since review-time last year, and the one before that was in October of 2008.  This past May/June, when I was working 12-16 hour days I was really close to storming into the boss’s office and demanding more money, but I’m glad I didn’t.  Part of the reason why I didn’t was so that I could have a serious talk at review-time this year.

I’m going to have a talk with my buddy about this stuff to see what the best way to approach the situation will be.  I’m sure my boss isn’t going to give me a big raise and that I’m going to have to initiate the conversation about paying me more, but whatever.  I’m not so worried about it.  Yeah, the job market sucks right now, but if he tells me “sorry, you’re just not worth any more than X”, then at least I have my answer.  I’m happy in my current position in any case.

Anyway, my point is that this time last year, and for about 8 months leading up to it, I was worrying myself sick every day about how I was going to make more money.  Today I’m not.  I’m happy where I am.  I think there’s a lot of opportunity with the firm I’m currently at, and it’s also nice to know that I popped up on some recruiter’s radar.  If I get another job for a sh*t ton more money, great; if I only have a good talk with my boss about making more money next year, that’s fine too.

There’s nothing I can’t do.

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