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November 1, 2009 · 4 comments

…Where was I?  The nice thing about posting every day is that it feels like I’m checking in with you, dear reader.  I’ll tell you today what I plan to do tomorrow, and then can’t wait to tell you about it when I get home tomorrow night.  Or, in some cases, I’ll get back with you the day after tomorrow, because I was simply too tired tomorrow to post.  Those are often the best ones – for me, at least – because I’ve had a day to think about what I’m going to tell you.  And sometimes I even get to tell the story with my mouth before I tell it with my fingers; then the typing-out process is a lot quicker because I’ve already done some verbal refining.

So, yeah.  I don’t exactly know where I left off and I’m not really a big fan of the “general update/this-is-what-I-did” posts.  But whatever, I suppose that’s all I’ve got right now.

It’s Sunday night and I can’t believe that it was dark at 6PM.  Totally blew my mind when I woke up from my nap this afternoon.  I’m NOT a napper, but it’s been a busy weekend and I was yawning all through mass this morning.  So here we go – a general update:

Friday evening I went for steaks on at Steve’s Sizzlin’ for Brian’s birthday with a handful of dudes.  I always enjoy it when everyone kicks in a few extra bucks to cover someone else’s meal, which we did for Brian on Friday night.  Mark, if you’re reading this, you’ve GOT to get un-cheap real quick.  Most people don’t like having to tell somebody they need to kick in an extra ten bucks, and neither do we.  We’d rather just not invite the cheap-ass out anymore.

I had some good man-time with my buddy Matt Vallerini of Smoothe Moose Laboratories and Recordings on the drive there and back.  He’s a sick workaholic, so it’s rare that we get to spend any time together.  But whatever time we get is usually enjoyable – at least from my end.

Afterward, I spent some time screen printing.  My buddy Ed Pirone (of ‘dacks fame) was a caveman pimp for Halloween and he asked me to put together a stencil of “PIMPIN So easy a caveman can do it.”  I did the photo emulsion process to get the stencil on the screen on Thursday night.  Ed asked me to put it on the back of his purple polyester cape – which made things easier, because the original print was in two colors (which means two screening and drying processes).

I’m finding that the very first photo emulsion of a silk screen doesn’t come out very well.  I had to spend quite a bit of time on Friday night touching-up the stencil – first with photo emulsion fluid remover in the open areas and then with screen filler for the few spots where the remover started to dissolve the borders.  A silk screen print is really only as good as the stencil.  If there’s a spot in the stencil (no matter how small or seemingly trivial) where the ink can’t get through, the ink doesn’t get through.  Which means you’ve got a hole in your print.

Anyway, I did a couple of test-runs of the stencil (I’m now the proud owner of a crappily-screened caveman PIMPIN t-shirt), and a LOT of “measure twice, cut once”, I printed the cape.  It came out pretty well and Ed was happy.

Saturday I ran errands (laundry, housecleaning and whatnot) and went to Astoria to hang out with my sister Katie and her friends.  Denny and Brad were playing at O’Hanlon’s and it was a damned god time all around.  I met Katie, Carissa, Sara and Nick at Katie’s apartment; we met up with Mary, Denny and Brad (and a few other people) at the pub around 10:30.  I got home around 2 and happily pushed my clocks back to 1 and then happily spent another hour effing around on the internet.  Idiot.

Even more happily, I was able to wake up on time this morning and make it (a bit early) to the baptism of Lucas Alexander and Liliana Kate Gomez.  Lucas and Liliana are twins and the children of Margaret (née Sullivan) and Felix Gomez.  Margaret and I went to college together.  I was also pleased to see about half a dozen other college friends as well – most of whom have children too.  The Sullivan house was a regular romper room during the short reception – which was awesome.  The kids were all well-behaved and I don’t recall any of the babies crying.

It’s entirely possible that my lack of sleep this weekend was affecting my sense of self during the baptism and reception, but I felt a rather chilly vibe from the college friends – like they were waiting for the other shoe to drop (the other shoe being me to get completely shitfaced and start acting the fool).  Maybe not.  Again, I’m totally aware that I may have been in my own head a bit too much.

Jen Brady is going back to school (Babson) for her MBA, and Marika née Holland (frig – I forgot Josh’s last name) has just started a PhD program for teaching.  I’d better get my ass moving if I want to keep up/stay ahead of everyone with the post-name letters situation.

The baptism ceremony itself was short, but it was enclosed by a regular Sunday morning mass at St. Paul’s on the Green in Norwalk CT.  We started at 10:15 and walked out at noon.

Dear Anglican Church,

While I applaud your progressive policy of “radical inclusionism”, NOBODY wants to be in church for an hour and forty-five minutes.



On the whole, this was a very good weekend.  Even though I just had my last sips of coffee a few minutes ago and it’s now 9:02PM, I’m hoping to get to bed rather early tonight (hence the early post).  I spent some time earlier going through my Catskills maps and putting together hikes for the winter peaks – I still need to plot them out by weekend.  As I didn’t go hiking this weekend, I need to figure out where I’ll be next weekend relatively soon.  Definitely the Adirondacks.  Maybe I’ll try to take the afternoon off on Friday again and hike Saturday.  Maybe I’ll head up on Saturday and hike Sunday.  We’ll see.  It’s up in the air for now, but I need to decide early this week.

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Scott November 2, 2009 at 10:10

Mark we have told you many times to stop being cheap, you will now just get a kick to the balls with no warning. YOU LIVE AT HOME YOU HAVE NO BILLS STOP BEING CHEAP!!!!!!


Brian November 2, 2009 at 11:16

Yeah Mark. I paid for you on your day (and if I remember correctly it was your idea to not have to pay on your birthday in the first place…makes sense because you’re cheap). I heard you bought a diamond necklace for someone recently. You can’t throw in $10 to properly tip a waitress. Give me a break. I’m never going out to eat with you again.


Brian November 2, 2009 at 12:11

I think I would attend mass if it was only less than 15 minutes long and they had more comfortable chairs.


Being Samiantha November 2, 2009 at 12:44


Not only should the birthday person NOT have to pay for themselves, they should also never have to plan their night out.

I have a few friends like Mark, and we’ve stopped inviting them out too. They want to be treated like king/queens and then cheap out on everyone else.

Although a few of my friends have financial difficulties and thats fine, (we know about it and why) so we always make arrangements to cover that person too (so they can keep their dignity) and still celebrate with his/her friends.


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