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November 2009

Back to Work

November 30, 2009

How the hell is it Monday already?! While I’d love to say that this 5-day weekend absolutely flew by (and right now it kinda feels like it did), I can’t really say that it did.  It was a good one, though.  But then, who in their right mind can say that a 5-day weekend isn’t […]

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Autopsy Charging

November 24, 2009

I went to bed last night around 11:30.  I think I probably fell asleep around 1, but I can’t say for sure.  Laila Jo has taken to falling asleep on my chest and for whatever reason, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve fallen asleep whilst on my back.  Laila Jo used to hang out […]

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“The Future’s So Bright…”

November 22, 2009

…has popped up in my mind quite a few times in the past week or so.  I need a new pair of shades – literally and figuratively. I can’t point to any one reason for this feeling.  It’s grabbed me from behind in a whole bunch of different situations:  driving in late to work, going […]

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Skip This Post

November 20, 2009

My desk is a mess right now.  And I’m thoroughly knackered.  At least, I think I’m knackered.  If that means tired, then I’m knackered.  If it means that I’m drunk, then I’m not knackered.  And if it means that my hooves and ears have been removed, then I’m not knackered either. I spent today in […]

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Map Making and #SmootheMoose

November 18, 2009

One of these days I’m going to learn to delete these intro paragraphs I write.  They really don’t do much more than get me warmed up – “prime the pump”, if you will.  It’s 1:08 in the ante meridian and I’m well aware of the fact that the phrase just before “and” doesn’t necessarily make […]

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#iPhone Blues and #Metallica

November 16, 2009

Ok, so it’s totally 2AM on Monday morning and I have to be at work in just about no time at all.  I skipped the second day of WordCamp NYC today so that I could clean, do laundry, and finish up writing the copy for the website I started on Tuesday.  The former and mesne […]

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#WCNYC & #Metallica

November 15, 2009

Wow, am I exhausted.  I can’t even begin to tell you, dear reader, what a wonderful day today was.  On so many levels.  I’ve been blessed with gifts material and intellectual today that would take me hours to explain.  And, being that it’s four minutes after twelve in the ante-meridian on Sunday and I have […]

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#WordCamp NYC 2009 and the Flu

November 14, 2009

I’m a f*ckin’ animal.  Now if I can just manage to get up on time tomorrow and not feel too much like the poo on the bottom of a trash-trucker’s boot. The last few days haven’t exactly been kind to me, dear reader.  But I am grateful for them nonetheless.  My apologies for the lack […]

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Diana, Where Are You?

November 10, 2009

Ok, kiddies: I don’t really know how much I have for you tonight.  I had some really effin weird dreams again last night (which is to say Monday night), but I’m not sure I remember them all that well.  I took Bob Marley out of this evening’s rotation, so I’m about as un-not-focused as I […]

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Facebook and Balance in the Universe

November 10, 2009

I’ve been giggling my ass off all night long.  And I’ve got Bob Marley playing on the stereo right now. No, dear reader, I’m not pulling tubes in my apartment.  I’ve been having a great time on facebook with my buddy Matt Helmick (@IntegralHack on Twitter), and for whatever reason, I can’t blog to Marley.  […]

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