Time for a New Theme

August 24, 2009 · 4 comments

Ok.  So I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already, but I’m looking for a new theme for this blog.  By “theme” I mean a new template – the overall setup and look of the blog.  Besides the fact that it’s time for a change, this theme won’t let me nest the pages, which is entirely incompatible with where I want to go with this website as a whole.

By “nest the pages” I mean have several pages behind a parent page – for example, if you look above at the tabs (Hiking, Internet Dating, Donations, etc.) – those are pages.  Web pages, in fact.  They’re entirely different from a post, which is what you’re reading currently.  That’s the idea behind the overall setup of a blog:  it’s a website that features frequently updated content.  So the posts are front and center.

If I wanted to put the Philosophy, Hiking, and Internet Dating pages under a single page called “About”, I can’t with this theme.  They’ll still show up as separate tabs above.  Which really pisses me off.  I want to add more pages, but don’t want a dozen tabs up top.

So this is where you come in, dear reader:  I’d like to solicit your help in choosing the next theme for this blog.  The overall framework for The Quixotic Jedi is called WordPress, so we need to find a WordPress theme.

Here’s how this will work:  Below are a handful of websites that offer (free) WordPress themes.  Click through them and find one (or more) that you like.  Then either copy and paste the URL (the web address – it’s way at the top and starts with “http://”) into the comments section or into an email to me (QuixoticJedi[at]gmail.com).  If you feel like it, tell me a little bit about why you think the theme(s) you’ve chosen are appealing to you and/or why you think they would fit well with the overall content and whatnot of this blog.

Depending upon how many submissions I get, I’ll cycle through them for about a week or so and let you – the readers – decide which theme we’re going to go with for however long.

Right now, the only requirement is that the theme have two sidebars – also called “three columns”.  See how there are two sidebars on the right-hand side?  I use kind of a lot of widgets (sidebar sections), and I think the double-sidebar is a good way to keep them from getting lost at the bottom of the screen.  Of course, I’m up for change, so if you really like a single-sidebar job, let me know and I’ll put some extra work into the setup.

So here you go, a handful of sites from which to choose a theme:

If you’re feeling creative, you can also do a regular old boolean search (via Google or your favorite search engine) – just include the words “free wordpress theme” and whatever else you’d like to see (e.g. “yellow”) in the theme.

A word of caution:  I’ve found that the easiest to read display for the text is undoubtedly black on white – some of the darker backgrounds with lighter lettering may look cool, but they’re not all that easy on the eyes.

So go for it.  Let me know what you’d like to see.

http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/digg_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/reddit_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/dzone_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/stumbleupon_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/delicious_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/blogmarks_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/newsvine_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/technorati_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/google_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/myspace_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/facebook_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/yahoobuzz_32.png http://www.quixoticjedi.com/wp-content/plugins/sociofluid/images/twitter_32.png

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Didi August 25, 2009 at 05:53

Very Didi-esque. Hahaha

NICE! I love it!


Didi August 25, 2009 at 06:06

Oh no, I’m double-commenting, wtf. Sorry, sorry… What’s wrong with black one you’ve got up already? My picks:



How boring of me, right? But then you know how I feel about clean, simple lines. Have fun.


BRIAN August 25, 2009 at 09:25

Before I go searching for your new theme I need to know how much $ you will be paying me/us to do work for you?


Being Samiantha August 25, 2009 at 16:41

too many choices you’re hurting my brain.



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