All Quiet on the Whatever Front

August 23, 2009 · 1 comment

I need to find a new theme for this blog pretty darned soon.  I’ve not been able to get the pages to nest – apparently because of all the “custom code” involved in setting up the theme.  I’ve even discussed it with the theme’s designer, and his advice was to “mess with the code until you get it right – don’t forget to backup often.”  Ugh.

Whatever, I’ll figure something out.

Not much to report, really.  I don’t have much to talk about, so feel free to blog in the comments section.


You know how you’re reading this as one of my “notes”?  Well, this “note” is created because facebook pulls the RSS feed from THE ACTUAL WEBSITE, not because I sit down and write stuff to be published on facebook.

No, really.  Check it out: is a real website.

So when I say “feel free to blog in the comments section”, I mean to blog in the comments section of THE WEBSITE.

Not that I want to come off as all haughty or anything – that a “real” website is better than facebook notes (even though it is).  I’m psyched that people read my facebook notes, but if you’re commenting on facebook, you’re also kind of missing out on seeing what goes on over at the actual website.  I’ve a bunch of regular readers (and regular commenters) that you’d probably enjoy meeting.

In an attempt to stay objective, though, I might suggest to my regular readers to either friend me on facebook or just become a fan of The Quixotic Jedi on facebook.  That way, y’all can maybe meet up with the commenters on the facebook notes.

All in all, I really have to say that I dig my readership.  That means you, by the way.  Everybody I’ve met via comments or email has been pretty darned cool.

So yeah, thank you.

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Christof August 23, 2009 at 03:15

So for which kind of theme are you speaking? an enema is pretty intense, more so if you don’t like having a pipe shoved up your bum then filled with soapy water. Was just trying to figure out the basics of your wishes before submitting any thoughts as to where you should go with said Blog.

Oh and my sister said to stop calling her, it’s making my mother jealous.


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