Weekend Report

August 17, 2009 · 3 comments

Monday, Monday.  How was your weekend?  What’d you do – anything exciting?  Please feel free to blog in the comments section.

My weekend was good – it was three days long, in fact.  I took the day off on Friday and slept in, instead of washing and vacuuming my car.  Drove down to Baltimore for the O’s game and had a good day hanging out with John “the hammerhead slav” Waszilycsak.  I got some work done on the Star Wars Twitter list on Saturday night and watched the Cartoon Network’s movie “The Clone Wars” (for research purposes).

I had every intention of waking up early on Sunday – only three things were on my to-do list:  laundry, wash/vacuum the car, and download Windows 7.  I woke up with the alarm at 8, hit the snooze bar a handful of times before I finally shut the effin thing off.   Woke up again at 10 and 12, but didn’t actually get out of bed until 2.  I took care of the first two things on my to-do list and spent about 5 hours at the SBUX in Midland Park, trying to get the third one done.

What a pain in the ass.  The download instructions highly recommend backing up everything on the computer first.  But check this out:  In order to utilize the backup feature of Windows XP, one has to upload it from the system disk that comes with the computer – but my netbook doesn’t have a cd drive.  W. T. F.

I downloaded the backup utility for XP from the internet, but kept getting an error message that I didn’t have enough space on my one terabyte external hard drive to save the file.  So I ran back and forth between the SBUX and home, to get my regular laptop (which does have a cd drive), and copied the system disk to my external hard drive, figuring the backup utility I downloaded was old or something.  After a wait of about half an hour (it took that long to copy the contents of the disk), it still didn’t work.

I spent WAY too long downloading all kinds of other crap to my netbook, in an attempt to back it up, but had to bounce because the SBUX was closing.  So I never got that third thing on my to-do list done.  Effit, I’m just going to download Windows 7 without backing up, and trust that the effin XP system disk has everything I need, should anything go wrong.  Did I mention that XP sucks?

But I can’t download Windows 7 from home tonight, because my wi-fi connection is too untrustworthy.  I’ll be happy if this blog post gets published in its entirety.

Whatever.  The internet man comes to hook me up this Thursday between 11 and 2.  I’m sure Murphy’s Law will be in full effect when that happens.

Remember that drama that kept me from posting anything rational (like I do that) a couple of weeks ago?  Well, as a result, I’m now the proud sitter of a very lovely cat named Layla Jo Connolly.  She’s pretty much stayed away from me for the past week or so, finding some pretty cool spots in my apartment in which to hide.

Well, part of the reason I stayed in bed so long this morning was because me & Layla Jo were getting it on.  I spent a good couple of hours receiving head-butts and rubbing her rump as she purred like a little engine and kneaded my chest with her declawed paws.  Except for all the fur that kept getting in my face, the whole experience was quite enjoyable.  I keep wanting to call her Sephina, which was the name of the cat that my wife and I had back in DC.  That story has the opposite of a happy ending, but maybe I’ll tell you about it later.

I’m pretty sure I’m getting set up for a little bit of heartache:  Layla Jo isn’t my cat, but it’s nice to have the company.  I don’t know how long she’ll be staying with me, but I hope it’s not long enough for me to get attached to her (and vice-versa).  We’ll see.

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Cheryl August 17, 2009 at 07:04

Do yourself a favor and get a Western Digital Passport external drive. They are pocket-sized, USB, and the backup utility that is preinstalled on it works like a charm. I love mine.


BRIAN August 17, 2009 at 10:29



Tomers August 17, 2009 at 12:59

Windows 7 hasn’t even been released yet. You have to wait till October 22nd to get it.

Or, if you’re nuts, you can download the “release candidate”. But if you’re frustrated with XP which is mature software that has been out there for, what, 7 years, imagine how frustrated you’ll be with brand new software that just came out of beta testing. Do you like doing software testing? Because that’s what you’ll be doing for Microsoft by downloading the release candidate of Windows 7.

My personal philosophy is to stay away from anything Microsoft puts out until they release Service Pack 1 for it. That means I will be avoiding Windows 7 for probably a year after it comes out, maybe more if it gets the same crappy reviews Vista got.


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