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August 13, 2009 · 1 comment

It’s now seven past midnight. I’ve been up ’til 1AM for the past several nights and haven’t been very good about making it to work on time (8:30AM). So, while this won’t be all that short, my actual intellectual contribution to today’s post will be.

Ef a bunch of BS, I ordered the internet today from my local service provider. It’s going to cost me $30/month for the first year, then go up to $50/month. Yay. I hope I move to another service provider’s area before that happens. At least I’ll have a reliable connection at home.

I’m back on eHarmony. After a week, I got my password reset email, which I think is laughable. Here it is:

Dear Ted,

Thank you for contacting eHarmony Customer Care.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties logging into your account. In order to resolve this problem, I have changed your password to the one listed below. We strongly recommend that you change your password once again, after successfully logging in.

Username: [my email address]
Password: 123456

To change your password:

1. Login to your eHarmony account with your existing username and the password listed above.
2. Click the My Settings tab
3. Click the Account Settings link
4. Click the “change password” link located on this page

You will be prompted to enter your current password (as listed above), and the new password you wish to use. You will then need to retype your new password for confirmation, and click “continue”. Your new password is then implemented.

Ted, I’d like to share a suggestion that may further benefit your experience at eHarmony. I also see that you currently have your match distance setting at 60 miles. We do, of course, recommend expanding your distance settings as wide as possible, which can truly help open up your matching pool. We have seen huge success for many of our members that have gone outside of their comfort zone, especially as far as distance is concerned, and ended up meeting the love of their life. According to Harris Interactive research, on average, 236 eHarmony members marry every day in the United States as a result of being matched on eHarmony.

To modify your distance settings, please follow the steps below:

1. Log into your eHarmony account
2. Click the My Settings tab at the top of the page
3. Click the Match Settings subheading link
4. Click on Distance

Once here, you will have the option to search by:
– Radius (from “Up to 30 miles away” to “Up to 300 miles away”)
– State (U.S.) or Province (Canada)
– Your entire country
– Specific countries around the world
– Anywhere in the world

Once you have made your selection, please make sure to click on the “save” button in order to process your request.

To help ease the process and allow you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and creating healthy relationships we have a fantastic Advice section that I would love for you to take a look at. You can go to http://advice.eharmony.com in order to view this great resource.

We look forward to helping you find the love of your life.


Rita R.
Customer Care

I can’t believe they actually have the balls to make suggestions about my settings when it took them that friggin long to get me back online. I also received a customer satisfaction survey email. I’ll post my answers as soon as I fill it out. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of checking the last box (for the “none of the above” short answer).

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joninnyc August 13, 2009 at 15:36

Leaving aside the fact that it took a week for an automated email to arrive, don’t overlook the fact that a website that claims to have 20 million users requires you to 1) log in to your account with a temporary password (no link provided in the email) 2) navigate to the password change page according to their instructions (again, no direct link in the email) 3) cut and paste temporary password. A direct link containing one time unique key to a password change page would have sufficed. There is no reason a site this big should not have the engineering resources to provide a password reset feature.

Sloppy, poor, lazy user interface design.


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