Technical Woes

August 12, 2009 · 0 comments

Just a bit of whining today:

I’ll try to keep it short.  The whining and the post. 

I’m fairly well fed up with my damned crappy wi-fi connection at home.  It’s spotty and crappy and slow.  I tried to spend some time at my local Starbucks this evening to put together the new “must follow” list of Star Wars characters on Twitter, but I got ended up talking to my friend Arthur (with whom I haven’t spoken in quite a while).  His buddy from college was visiting, and between the two of them, I picked up a few internet/computer-related ideas.  I’m now considering loading Windows 7 onto my netbook, instead of Linux.  We’ll see.

So I will not be true to my word from Monday’s post, insofar as I will not have a new SW list posted today.  I’ve kind of re-thought that idea anyway.  I’m thinking about making the list into a page (or set of pages), rather than a post.  My last iteration “Star Wars Characters You Can Follow on Twitter” was a pretty popular post, but I can’t add any more to it – I’ve apparently exceeded the amount of data that WordPress will allow in a post.  Nested pages should be able to hold more data and be easier to keep updated.

In any case, I’m beat.  I’ll get the new SW list up tomorrow, but I really need to get some sleep tonight.  I’ve spent at least an unproductive hour since I’ve returned home, waiting for pages to load.

Until tomorrow, dear reader.

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