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August 6, 2009 · 0 comments

Apologies for the lack of refreshed content yesterday, dear reader.  I’m starting to wonder exactly how way off my energy has been for the past week or so.  I did, in fact, put a post together late last night (as is my wont), but lost it due to technical difficulties.

Said technical difficulties involved both my neighbor’s spotty wi-fi and my brandy-new netbook freezing up on me.  The one I can remedy, and we’ll see about the other.  I surrender:  I’m going to call Comcast or whoever my regional internet provider is and actually pay them money for internet access.  I’m also going to try very hard not to do the math on all the seconds/minutes/hours I’ve lost, waiting for my internet connection to either engage or catch up with my clicks and clacks.

As far as the netbook freezing up goes:  I’m going to get some exercise in the next few days, even if I have to skip out on some of my after-work commitments.  I’ve been alternately restless and catatonic in the past week or so, and I’m sure it has everything to do with the fact that I haven’t hiked or kayaked in the past two weekends.  I’ve said it before, but my brainwaves are much more level when I get some exercise.

Without blaming my technical difficulties on the lunar cycle, I simply think I have too much excess knots of energy in my aura.  Exercise will help clean out the plaque that’s coagulating in my brain’s capillaries (two p’s?), which will make my mind a bit looser and sharper.  It will also work off the excess pockets of energy that are currently knotting up my shoulders and, I think, f*cking with my ubiquitous electronic devices.  I’ve had problems with my machine at work as well in the past few days.

Anyway, all that said, check it out:  the piece I procrastinated until literally the eleventh hour (and fifty minutes) received some recognition over at Weekly Writing Assignment.  Assignment #2 is entitled “Mirrors” and I snagged a weekly finalist spot.

I don’t know whether my piece was particularly good or whether Daniel simply didn’t get all that many submissions that week, but I’ll take the recognition either way.

Of the weekly finalists, Lauren Flax’s piece is by far my favorite.  If you have the time today, swing on by the site and read the other finalists’ pieces – they’re all quite good.  I think Lauren‘s a shoe-in for this week’s winner.  Great job, kitten.

Oop – and as a matter of fact, she is this week’s winner!

If you do stop by Weekly Writing Assignment and have the time, throw out a comment here or there.  I really like the site’s idea and I’d hate to see it die on the vine for lack of participation and/or interest.  The finalists will also dig hearing your feedback.

And that’s it for me, folks.  I have a big presentation to one of our Taiwanese clients in the morning and need to get my ass in bed.  See you tomorrow.

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