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Check out the new “become a fan” (on facebook) button in the sidebar on the far right.  Pretty cool.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m painting myself into a corner with this theme.  That is, if I switch themes (the overall look of the site – the template), will I lose all my settings?  There aren’t a whole lot of themes out there with two sidebars – at least, not ones that I particularly like – so I’m getting a bit nervous.  Ugh.  I’ve been giving some thought to buying Thesis, but I really think that’s probably a waste of money.  Just a kind of dumbed-down, drag&drop way of coding – kind of like Blogger (dot com).

Jeez, am I a blog snob now?  Whatever.

I bought the Asus Eee PC 1005HA netbook today.  Haven’t had much time to mess around with it, but I’m looking forward to doing so tomorrow.  Which is actually today, as it’s now 3:30AM on Sunday.  I need to get my ass in bed, as I’ve an appointment at 11:30 and am not generally very good at waking up at a decent hour on the weekends.

I got home from Scott’s house at about 1AM and cleaned my apartment.  Mmm…rain-scented bleach.

I’m sure I’ll have more for tomorrow’s post – you can expect a Weekly Writing Assignment submission as well.  I think the next one is due Monday by midnight.  It has something to do with mirrors.

Anyway, I also owe Didi a couple of long emails, and I still haven’t finished editing Franco’s novel.  Hopefully the netbook will allow me to spend more time on the internet and take care of stuff like this faster – it’s a quick startup/shut down, and much lighter than my laptop.

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