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July 23, 2009 · 4 comments

I’m getting squirrelly about the netbook thing.  Sort of.  Four Franklins may be pushing it for my finances right now – though I do have a credit card that can handle it, and one can’t build (good) credit without using it, correct? 

It looks like fixing my car will cost me a bit over eight Franklins, which is fine by me.  The Mini dealership suggested two different operations, each of which would cost me eight hundred bucks.  Neither of which would have fixed the loud and scary humming sound that my car has been making for the past month or two.  The dealership wanted to “fix” my struts and radiator – neither of which are really broken.  The loud scary humming is coming from my bearings – which the Mini dealership missed completely.

That’s a lot of money for me, but I’m glad that I’ll be spending it on something that needs to be done.  New bearings and fanbelt, yay.  Once upon a time, I would have shelled out sixteen hundred to the “mechanics” at the Mini dealership.  That would have cleaned me out and left me feeling less than good about myself for several months.  I’m glad I (finally) learned my lesson with them.  It’s like the boy who cried wolf – “I wouldn’t drive the car like that if I were you” – every time with them.  Now at least I know better.  That was an expensive lesson to learn more than once.

My car gets fixed tomorrow and I’m psyched.

I’ll be taking down the “My Cyber Ego” page pretty soon – I’ve added a widget to the sidebar on the far right that serves the same purpose.  Please note that it’s directly beneath the “Donate” button.  Did I mention that I have a “Donate” button?  It’s really cool – it’ll accept PayPal or credit cards or whatever.  Give it a shot – it’s a real thrill to donate to someone’s website.  It’s also a real nice thing to do for a body.  I highly recommend it. 

Speaking of taking down pages and whatnot:  I’ll be doing some modifications to this site pretty soon, so if you have any suggestions, now’s the time to make them.  Throw them in the comments section if they’re not too offensive, or email them to me at QuixoticJedi[at]  Is there anything about this site (besides the writing) that you don’t particularly like?  Anything that you’d like to see added?  Are there other blogs you read that have features you wish this one did? 

And speaking of other blogs:  do you read other blogs?  If so, which ones?  Do you have a handful of websites that you visit every day?  Which ones?  Any recommendations?  Feel free to email them to me, but the answers to these questions would be much better suited for the comments section – you’re not the only one who reads this blog, dear reader.  I’m sure the other readers would dig finding out what you like to look at on the internet.  Don’t forget to add the http:// in the front so that they show up as links (makes it easier for other people to pick up what you’re puttin’ down).  No porn, please.  This is me talking to YOU Brian, ’cause I know you’re getting tempted to eff with me on this one.  ;-)

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Ed Pirone July 23, 2009 at 09:33

Shoot me your email. Here is a good link I ran across today made me think you might like.


Scott July 23, 2009 at 12:52

It might be time to stop off roading in the Mini


Katie July 24, 2009 at 09:13

Are you getting your car fixed at the MINI dealer? I had new bearings put on the Pumpkin at Midas and I only spent 5 franklins. and if you are getting your fan belt replaced you might want to think about getting that other belt in there (i think it’s the serpentine (sp?)) changed too. if it goes soon it will save you big bucks on labor. the belt should only cost 35 dollars


Being Samiantha July 24, 2009 at 11:37

Too bad you didnt live here. I still get my discount at the high performance store for parts. 30 below cost. :)

First if you’re car is not under warrenty, you don’t need to take it to the dealership. Smaller outfits will bend over backwards for you.

-Yes get all belts changed at the same time.
-Drive a standard? ask them to check the clutch cable too.
– all driving fluids.

-Ask them to TELL you when your pads/shoes will need to be changed… sometimes they wont tell you so you’ll have to come back and they get your money, again.

I’m sure you know to ask all these things, but incase you didnt and just expected them to be honourable… always assume they are stupid and out to rip you off. They are less likely to jerk around a consumer who appears to know about their own car.

I’m a previous 87 VW Fox owner, and the things one mechanic would tell me.. omg!!! (he must have been thinking cha-ching – stupid girl)…
Changed guys, and was taught more about my car.


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