Weekly Writing Assignment #1: Random Words

July 22, 2009 · 0 comments

The old Californian reached down to adjust the fetters binding his ankles shuffle-length apart, no longer wishing for the strength to break them.  Hocking phlegm from the back of his throat he spat on the dusty California ground, in the direction of the bravado of his youth, chained to him three men up the line.  The boy called himself Brickbat.  He wouldn’t last long.

Above the buzz and hum of the never-too-distant Fence, and below the ever-present cacophany created by the pings and tings of metal on stone, rode Brickbat’s voice.  No segues, just constant babble. 

Brickbat chortled away his freedom propaganda to the man in front of him.  Why Brickbat chose to cajole this Ancient into thoughts of escape was beyond him.  The callused ridges on his ankles and cris-crossing, layered scars on his back spoke of long years imprisoned, though the Ancient never said a word. 

He never had to.  Even the Sentries left him alone.  Despite the incomprehensible weight of the years, the man’s shoulders were still tall and proud.  And his eyes – oh those eyes!  They were as sharp and intelligent as any the old Californian had ever seen.  As if imbued with the fire of the gods themselves.  Not feral:  calculating. 

The old Californian knew this Ancient’s capabilities.  About six months ago, the Ancient crushed another man’s trachea in the blink of an eye.  A ‘ruptured esophagus’ was dictated into the record for that one.  That man had occupied the same shackles that Brickbat was now jangling. 

Much like Dante with Virgil, the old Californian kept his eyes down as he walked the margin-path with this Ancient.  The old Californian dreamt of freedom too, but his rested with the new Prelate who recently took command – a man said to be fair and just.


And there you have it, dear reader:  300 words (of a 300-word maximum) for a new website entitled “Weekly Writing Assignment.”  Here’s the link, if you’re interested in submitting as well.  Entries are due no later than midnight of July 27th.  They have to contain fifteen random words (as specified on the website).  Can you guess which fifteen?

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