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July 21, 2009 · 0 comments

I’m absolutely sure that I had something good to write about this afternoon.  And, as I seem to be wont to do, I’ve totally forgotten what it was.

What a relatively uneventful but great weekend I had.  Climbed a mountain on Saturday, got up early and ran all myerrands on Sunday; I even managed to get my kayak in the water for a good 45-minute hard paddle.  Though I know it’s kind of boring and not that much fun to read about, I also hung the ceiling fan I’d bought about a month ago on Sunday.  The directions said that it should take about 45 minutes to put together.  It took me about three hours.

Laugh all you want about the Mensa thing, dear reader, but this was more a test of my patience and motor skills than anything else.  Though yoga is infinitely more relaxing, I think I stretched and bent myself into more odd positions just getting the thing hung than I would in a normal yoga class.

I had to install a new electrical box, which would have been much easier, had I not un-borrowed my sister’s DeWalt cordless drill.  The fan itself has a short bar that comes down from the ceiling, with a longer bar a couple of feet long that hangs perpendicular to the first (parallel to the ceiling), with two motors – each turning a separate three-bladed fan.  Nothing was pre-assembled, and the directions had me attaching the blades to the motors after the rest of the unit was hung.  This entailed the never-simple task of upside-down-screwing – which sounds a lot more fun than it is. 

Trust me, dear reader, there was nothing about hanging this fan that felt like space-porn.

The wires coming from the ceiling are old – wrapped in some sort of quickly disintegrating cloth that’s probably older than me.  The several feet of electrical tape I used to insulate the exposed wires doesn’t do much for my confidence that I won’t return home to the ashes of all of my worldly possessions one day.

But the damned thing is hung securely and silently turning above my head as I type.  It’s done wonders for the feng shui of my place.  Besides the fact that I no longer have a sigle large, noisy fan blowing hard from the corner in which my too-tiny air conditioner resides, the air is now circulating in a much more consistent fashion.  It’s like a constant spring breeze.  Though the fans weren’t as powerful as I expected at first, it was also about 90 degrees in my place when I initially turned them on.  And the AC had been off for the entire three hour ordeal – which makes for a nice toasty-dry feel, considering that my apartment shares many characteristics with anybody’s grandmother’s attic.

Now that the fans have had a full day to move the air around, and the AC has been able to get back to work, the temperature is now much more uniform throughout my apartment.  It’s really quite lovely and I feel like I could write about it all night.

In other news, my facebook mafia for Mafia Wars has been expanding, which brings me no end of pleasant distractions at work.  I’m enjoying going through the members of the various groups I’ve joined and friend-requesting hot single chicks.  My extensive experience with internet dating profiles has (hopefully) enabled me to weed out the dirty sluts and the fake/spam profiles, though I’m not holding out for love-via-mafia wars.  But what the heck – you never know, right?  ;-)

Speaking of finding love on the internet:  I may soon have a date.  Via fucking eHarmony, no less.  I’m not holding my breath on that one either, dear reader, as I’ve had too many close and enjoyable encounters that have not resulted in a face-to-face meeting via that medium.  Ah well, all in good time.  I trust the goddess to pick out a good one – though as I’m sure you know by now, I’m trying to give her all the help I can.  So if you know any hot single chicks that are wicked sma’t and like coffee, hook me up.  I’m officially removing the hiking-and-sex-in-the-woods requirement, so as to not seem too demanding.  Ha!

If you’re a regular Starbucks coffee drinker, check out the Starbucks Red Card – I picked one up.  Every time I buy something from them, SBUX makes a nickel donation to the Global Fund (which is anti-HIV in Africa).  It’s good ’til the end of the year.  Now I buy my coffee with two pieces of plastic – my SBUX Gold Card gets me a 10% discount, and the Red Card buys my coffee and donates at the same time.  I certainly don’t want to sound like an advertisement, but I buy a coffee there every day no matter what, and this deal doesn’t screw me out of a penny (while still supporting a charity).  So yeah, SBUX will be donating at least $8.35 for me between Saturday (when I bought the card) and December 31st.

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