Motivation Returns (I Hope)

July 8, 2009 · 1 comment

Jeez, Diana must have heard my prayers for a muse.  I actually have a handful of things that I’m kind of excited to get done – which I’m sure will snowball into me getting done those things on my list that I’ve been dragging my feet on.

#1:  NetworkedBlogs on Facebook. 

I read a handful of blogs.  They don’t all update every day like I do, but they’re all interesting stuff.  At this point, you’re probably familiar with TNR and Didi*.  Being that (a) I read a lot, (2) not all of the blogs I follow update daily, and (d) they’re blogs (which means that posts are usually pretty short), I’m often left with a dearth of daily reading material.  Not that I spend hours and hours per day at work reading blogs – but it is important for me to take short breaks and get my head out of work-stuff over the course of the day.  This keeps me sharp and from being dragged into monotony while at work – I need to be able to look at my projects with fresh eyes every couple of hours so that I can evaluate my progress (et cetera).

Work-breaks aside, I’m looking for other bloggers with whom to interact.  Or just other blogs that I find interesting to read – things that make me go hmmm.  No, I don’t think C+C Music Factory has a blog.  I’ve spent quite a few hours browsing Blogger, Google, and GoogleBlogSearch for something – anything – that might catch my fancy.  Believe it or not, there’s not a whole lot out there under “philosophy” or “Mensa” in the way of blogs.  Nothing, that is, that isn’t incredibly dry.

So I was pretty psyched to find NetworkedBlogs on Facebook the other day. (Thanks $@bs for putting selecting me in your “author confirmation” endeavor.)  I set pretty much everything up on Facebook as far as this blog goes, and even added that nifty widget on the right (under the Donations widget), so that people can follow this blog via Facebook.  How the hell all this works, I’m still in the midst of figuring out, but wtf, it’s marketing – right?

Anyway, I’m psyched to check out NetworkedBlogs and maybe even start building a tribe of my very own.  At the very least, I’m hoping to get my Google Reader content to refresh a bit more often.

If you’re on Facebook, feel free to click that “Follow” button in the sidebar.

*Didi’s blog is currently eyes-only – I’ll probably talk about that another time.

#2:  Set Up a Work-Related Facebook Account

I started to do that this morning.  Facebook at work has been tricky over the past few months – it kept getting blocked and unblocked by our firewalls.  The same with Twitter – I enjoyed putting together a work-related Twitter account (@ProxyHound), even though I don’t use it all that much.  For some reason, I was able to start the process of setting up a new Facebook account, but I can’t seem to log back into it.  Whatever.  Maybe I can complain to the boss – it is work-related – and then I’ll be able to access both accounts while in the office.

#3:  My Finances

One of the ways I procrastinate my to-do list is to add more things to it.  Or at least start new things, the completion of which will eventually end up as items on my to-do list. 

I paid online those bills that I could yesterday, which entailed sending username/password reminder requests (I owe so may people money that I can’t always remember by which names they like to call me), and generally clicking just about every link on their websites, in an attempt to pay those bills.  So in addition to looking at the “pay bill now” pages, I also looked at the “overall” and “detail” pages…which led me to putting together a big spreadsheet with all of my loans, their interest rates, what payments I was making, etc.  Now I can mess around with them and decide whether to pay Sallie Mae $200 a month for the next 30 years, or – whatever, I’m not going to think about that too much right now.

I put together a budget sheet as well.  And I hate budgets.  It’s ok, I don’t plan on looking at it too much. 

Overall, the exercise was a good one for me.  While I’m certainly more of a left-brain, shoot-from-the-hip, and estimate kind of guy when it comes to pretty much everything, it was nice to see that my estimations don’t fall too far afield from my actual calculations.  That means that I’m not fooling myself about my finances and spending money I don’t have.


So yeah, that’s pretty much it.  For whatever reason, I decided to actually get out of bed this morning when I woke up (just before 6), instead of going back to sleep and barely waking up in time to be late to work.  I ran a few errands and hit the office around 7:30.  Which you’re damn-sure means I’m leaving at 4:30 today.  I’ve accomplished quite a bit in the office so far, though I wish I had been able to publish this post a bit earlier.  Oh well.

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Katie July 8, 2009 at 16:14

Sally Mae is a dirty whore!


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