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July 1, 2009 · 1 comment

My circadian rhythms are way off.  Actually, all kinds of rhythms are way off right now.  I’m pretty sure that’s my fault, but I’m doing my best to find someone or something else to blame for it.

This post is going to get published sometime in the afternoon.  Which is really weird for me.  My posts are usually published around 1AM (because that’s when I finish writing them, not because I use the “Schedule” fxn).  I kind of miss my incense, incandescent lights, stereo and cherry Skoal right now.  At least I have a liter of water next to me, though the bathroom seems awfully far away.

Maybe I picked the wrong title for this post.  “Mojo” is a hoodoo charm bag.  I don’t think “Blogging Charm Bag” makes much sense.  Though, maybe those things listed above qualify.  Damn.  I’m also getting a pretty nasty picture in my head about Michael Myers and that whole Austin Powers (2, I think) thing where he “gets his mojo stolen”.  Yeah, I just shuddered a little.

Blogging from work is a little strange, too.  I kind of feel like I should be doing more actual WORK, but when I was at lunch with the owner of the company yesterday, he told me that I should be “relaxing” or “taking it easy” for the next couple of weeks.  Though I think he means “use your vacation days NOW, fool”.

So I’m feeling kind of guilty that I stayed up till about 2 last night, finishing off book #11 of The Dresden Files.  At least I’m done with that damned series until Butcher puts out another book.  Good series, btw.  I wrote a post about it – want to hear it?  Here it go.

So yeah:  Monday was a Monday and yesterday found me in the city for a meeting and lunch with said company-owner.  Friday we’re off because the market is closed and tomorrow we’re only working half a day because the supremely non-powerful powers-that-be decided that we didn’t need to work all day.  It’s not very busy at work right now – the busy season ended about a week or two ago.  Which leaves me with today, which is really the only real day that I can get done the 4 or so hours of work I need to do to stay on the ridiculously loose schedule that my co-worker has put together for this project that we’re doing together. 

Man, am I a control-freak or what?  If I were in charge, we’d have WAY more than 4 hours of work per week on this project.  I’m glad I’m not in charge on this one.

Anyway, I’ve spent most of today (after walking in an hour late because of said book-reading) reading Josh Allen’s posts over at Fireland and feeling sorry for myself as a writer.  I mean, this guy is good.  I’m also planning my epic review/ass-kiss post all about Josh’s site/werks.  Maybe tonight.  Maybe.

My cell phone crapped out on me last night and I’m kind of pissed about it.  But, as luck would have it, my favorite sister Katie and I have plans to meet at Garden State Plaza for dinner and the new Transformers movie.  Don’t ask.  I suggested dinner and all of a sudden it’s a effin party with Optimus Prime.  Whatever:  at least I get to hang out with Katie.

So my plan is to leave work a bit early today and check out the Sprint/Nextel store in the mall to see if they’re able to fix my phone.  Depending on how hot the chick is behind the counter, I’m prepared to spend between $100 and $200 on a new phone – though this one is less than a year old and there really shouldn’t be anything wrong with it.  Alas, there’s nothing human about Sprint/Nextel, so I’m fairly certain that my only choice will be to purchase a new unit.  Yes, I said unit (sicko).

So that’s it.  Have fun at wherever-you-are today, dear demographic-mine.  I wish I knew what you were.

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Katie July 1, 2009 at 13:24

Hey I suggested dinner! Then I thought Ted wants to see Transformers, and I want to see Transformers. Hey! Why don’t we go see Transformers.

And you forgot to mention my awesomeness!


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